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"Hondo's got a private fleet, but only he knows where those ships are."

This secret hangar was where pirate Captain Hondo Ohnaka stored some extra spaceships in case they would ever be needed. Only he knew the location of the hangar.



The entrance to the hidden vault

"My new friend General Grievous has destroyed my ships."
"We know you have one, a whole pirate fleet!"
"And one of my old friends, apparently, has been talking too much. Ah! What does it matter? We'll never reach the vault anyway.
―Hondo Ohnaka and Petro, about his private hangar[src]

In 20 BBY, the cyborg General Grievous arrived on the planet of Florrum on orders from Count Dooku to finally take revenge against Ohnaka for taking him and holding him for ransom. Ohnaka was imprisoned and saved by a group of Jedi Initiates, Ahsoka Tano, Professor Huyang, R2-D2, Gwarm, and another pirate as their only means of escape from Grievous and the Separatist Droid Army was via one of Ohnaka's hidden ships. Together, Ohnaka, the Jedi, and his gang made an escape for the hangar and escaped the planet in the Slave I.

Throughout the course of Ohnaka's rule as leader of the Ohnaka Gang, he stored not only the Slave I, but also other ships like the Fortune and Glory, and many others in this hangar.


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