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"Move it, move it, move it! What the heck are you waiting for, Briggs? An engraved invitation? Get out there and kill some Rebels!"
Sergeant major Hong to stormtrooper Briggs during the Battle of AX-456.[src]

Hong was a male Imperial stormtrooper Sergeant major assigned aboard the Star Destroyer Imperator as of 1 BBY. He had short hair and a moustache—a rarity among stormtroopers of his time.


During Cadet Leader Kyle Katarn's Omega Exercise on AX-456, Sergeant major Hong served as second officer. He appreciated Katarn's rational approach to the military operation, but disapproved of his reluctance to execute Rebel prisoners of war. Hong was killed when Rebel reinforcements attacked Katarn's squad.

Personality and traitsEdit

Hong disagreed with the hesitation and reluctance of his men towards handling rebels. The man expressed such to Kyle Katarn and trooper Briggs in 1 BBY.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the audio adaptation of Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire, he was voiced by James Cada.


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