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Honor Among Thieves, originally titled Empire and Rebellion: Honor Among Thieves, is a Star Wars Legends novel and the second volume in the Star Wars: Empire and Rebellion duology. It was written by James S. A. Corey and first published by Del Rey in hardcover on March 4, 2014, becoming the final Legends novel to be released after Lucasfilm Ltd. discontinued the Legends continuity on April 25 of that year. The first paperback edition was released on February 24, 2015. Included in all editions of Honor Among Thieves is the short story "Silver and Scarlet" by Corey.

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When the Empire threatens the galaxy's new hope, will Han, Luke, and Leia become its last chance?

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When the mission is to extract a high-level rebel spy from the very heart of the Empire, Leia Organa knows the best man for the job is Han Solo—something the princess and the smuggler can finally agree on. After all, for a guy who broke into an Imperial cell block and helped destroy the Death Star, the assignment sounds simple enough.

But when Han locates the brash rebel agent, Scarlet Hark, she's determined to stay behind enemy lines. A pirate plans to sell a cache of stolen secrets that the Empire would destroy entire worlds to protect—including the planet where Leia is currently meeting with rebel sympathizers. Scarlet wants to track down the thief and steal the bounty herself, and Han has no choice but to go along if he's to keep everyone involved from getting themselves killed. From teeming city streets to a lethal jungle to a trap-filled alien temple, Han, Chewbacca, Leia, and their daring new comrade confront one ambush, double cross, and firestorm after another as they try to keep crucial intel out of Imperial hands.

But even with the crack support of Luke Skywalker's X-Wing squadron, the Alliance heroes may be hopelessly outgunned in their final battle for the highest of stakes: the power to liberate the galaxy from tyranny or ensure the Empire's reign of darkness forever.

Plot summary[]

Han and Chewie were sent to extract rebel spy Scarlet Hark from the Imperial-controlled planet Cioran. Before being able to connect, Baasen Ray intercepted the drop and detained Han and Chewie. Baasen was an old friend of Han's who had turned bounty hunter trying to capture Han and delivering him to Jabba the Hutt. Han and Chewie were able to escape, shot off Baasen's hand, but ran into Imperials right after. Using the Imperial's uniform, Han managed to locate Hark and get her out. Hark, however, planned on completing her mission and convinced Han to help her. They retrieved critical data from the Imperials and then went to Kiamurr to intercept Hunter Mass who had stolen information on how to control hyperspace travel. On Kiamurr, Leia Organa had been hosting a meeting for friends of the rebellion. Lots of which were killed when the Imperial fleet arrived chasing Hunter Mass. Baasen was attacked by the potential credits to be made and joined the rebels. He also shot Hunter Maas.

The data they were chasing contained Essio Galassian's discovery of a hyperspace nullifier superweapon designed by the extinct K'kybak. The K'kybak had secluded themselves thousands of years ago and mastered physics developing hyperspace control. After the K'kybak went extinct their planet fell to ruin. Leia, Han, Chewie, Hark, Baasen and Sunnim went to their planet, Seymarti V, after Leia had sent Luke on an unrelated mission to the Seymarti system just a few days prior.

Arriving in the Seymarti system, Luke and the red star-fighter waves led by Wedge Antilles helped Han, Chewie, Leia, Scarlet, Baasen and Sunnim to land on Seymarti V. Sunnim was killed by a local animal. Entering the ancient K'kybak temple the crew fought off booby traps and storm troopers before reaching a chamber kilometers inside the temple where they faced Essio Galassian. Essio used the power of the machine to fight them. Baasen was shot but with his last move pushed Essio off the platform. It turned out that the planet was hollow, its surface held in place by the K'kybak machine. Essio fell thousands of kilometers down to the planet's core. When stormtroopers arrived shooting at Han, Leia and Scarlet, Han decided to destroy the control panel and therefore the entire planet. They were able to escape Seymarti V with Luke's help before Chewie picked them up in the Falcon.



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