Honor Salima was a human female native of the planet Coruscant. She was an officer in the Republic Navy and served as the commanding officer of the Coruscant Home Defense Fleet, a Republic planetary defense fleet, for a decade prior to the Clone Wars. After the approval of the Military Creation Act and the start of the Clone Wars, Salima gained access to new technology for the fleet.[1]

In 19 BBY,[2] the Confederacy of Independent Systems launched an attack on Coruscant where they managed to kidnap the Republic's Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Salima, still commanding the Coruscant Home Defense Fleet, was able to move the fleet to the hyperspace jump point, preventing the Separatists from leaving the system with the Chancellor.[1]

Honor Salima had dark-colored skin, brown eyes, dark hair, and wore a standard Republic officer's uniform.[1]

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Honor Salima was first mentioned in the 2017 canon reference book Star Wars: On the Front Lines, written by Daniel Wallace. Her portrait was illustrated by Aaron Riley.[1]

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