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"They're Hoojibs, Your Highness—natives of this planet. Not very intelligent, I'm afraid."
"I think they're adorable."
―C-3PO and Leia Organa — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Hoojibs were a species of sentient, telepathic, energy-feeding rodents indigenous to the planet Arbra. Existing peacefully in a geothermal cave, the Hoojibs were menaced by an alien Slivilith, but assisted the Alliance to Restore the Republic in defeating the monster and establishing a base inside the crystal cave following the Battle of Hoth.

Biology and appearance[]

"I admit that our data on local fauna is limited, and the Hoojibs do seem rather prolific, but certainly they pose no threat to such a well-armed party as ours."
"And besides, they're cute!"
―C-3PO and Leia Organa[src]

Rodent-like native Arbrans,[1] Hoojibs were small, furry critters distinguished by their large eyes, floppy ears, and a single, thin antennae protruding from their heads. They had four three-toed limbs and were agile runners and climbers in their native forests.[3]

A telepathic species, Hoojibs communicated through thought, and had a spokesmind to speak on behalf of their kind. They did not call themselves "Hoojibs", though recognized that others used that term. They could speak directly to intelligent beings, and could gain certain images from the minds of less-intelligent creatures like the Slivilith. The species was capable of vocalizing sounds, including a cry of "scree" intended to frighten predators, and fearful yelps of "yi".[3]

Hoojibs were energy-eaters and self-proclaimed power-feeders, able to take energy directly from their surroundings, rather than needing to metabolize it from animal or plant matter. They typically fed on power crystals inside their home cave, but could also consume power from machinery including flood lamps, power packs, and droids. They existed for countless centuries by subsisting on natural energy.[3]

Society and culture[]

Hoojibs stalking Tof on Zeltros

"It…it talks! Telepathically!"
"Of course I talk. Most civilized beings do, you know."
―Leia Organa and Plif[src]

Hoojibs, while an intelligent, civilized species, had no need for technology, and existed for centuries as power-feeders[3] in a mountainside cavern.[1] They held friendship in high regard, even putting themselves in harm's way for the sake of their friends.[4] Hoojibs such as Plif were aware of concepts of physical attractiveness among the Human species.[5]


A Hoojib watches X-Wings launch from Haven Base

The species known to the Rebel Alliance as "Hoojibs" existed as a telepathic race inhabiting a single cave on Arbra since the earliest point of their racial memory,[3] though they were pre-dated by an ancient race of beings who lived in Grotto City beneath the planet's surface.[4] In their cave, the power-feeding Hoojibs subsisted on an endless natural wellspring of electrical energy drawn from the planet's core as geothermal energy and transformed into harmless high-altitude lightning by a collection of colorful crystals. The crystals maintained Arbra's planetary pressure, and the Hoojibs nourished themselves by chewing on the power rods within their cave.[3] The Hoojibs sensed the presence of the Darker for as long as they lived beneath Arbra's surface, considering the being a source of great evil.

The Hoojibs came under attack by a Slivilith caught by Arbra's gravitational pull and drawn to the warmth of their geothermal cave. The monster drove the native population away, forcing them to seek alternative means of energy consumption. Plif and several of his fellow Hoojibs encountered members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic shortly after the |Battle of Hoth, at a time when Princess Leia Organa led a survey team through the forests. Organa found the creatures cute, and both she and C-3PO agreed that the natives posed no threat to their camp. However, as night fell the Hoojibs began feeding on the Rebel camp's energy, draining machinery and C-3PO himself, who awoke believing he was being eaten alive. Plif was caught by Chewbacca, but communicated telepathically with the startled Wookiee as the Hoojibs' spokesmind. Plif explained his species' need for energy, and warned the Rebels of the Slivilith moments before the monster attacked their camp. The Rebels drove the creature away, and Leia vowed to help Plif regain his home.[3]

Fuffle and other Hoojibs

The following morning, Plif accompanied the Rebels back to the geothermal cave, and the Hoojibs joined the battle against the monster by drawing it out. Chewbacca threw the beast into the razor-sharp crystals, which unleashed their energy into the Slivilith, killing it. However, the Rebels attempted to take over the cave for their own purposes, forcing the Hoojibs to defend themselves until Leia stepped in. Plif then allowed the newcomers to remain as their guests indefinitely, and the Rebel Fleet arrived on Arbra several days later to establish Haven Base.[3] Hoojibs remained friendly with the Alliance, communing with Rebels and sharing meals in their base.[6]

When R2-D2 ventured into an unexplored tunnel of the cave system, Plif, Fuffle, and several other Hoojibs joined C-3PO and Chewbacca in venturing within to rescue the droid from the great evil they sensed inside. The little band discovered the ancient ruins of Grotto City beyond a force field, and encountered the Darker—a manifestation of the negative emotions the former Arbran species hoped to rid themselves of before fleeing the planet in aeons past. Plif and his Hoojibs attempted to return to Haven Base to warn Princess Leia, but the Darker instilled fear in the small creatures, making them too afraid to move. However, with the Darker distracted by battle with Chewbacca, the Hoojibs were released from his telepathic grasp long enough to fling themselves at the ancient being. Overwhelmed, the Darker was thrown into the force field by Chewbacca, disintegrating and causing the field to collapse around the city. The friends safely escaped back to Haven Base.[4]

Hoojibs in the galaxy[]

One of the best-known Hoojibs was Plif, who accompanied Luke Skywalker on several missions before and after the Battle of Endor. Plif later became a New Republic senator.

Hoojibs were known to occasionally venture into the wider galaxy, including Zeltros[7] and some Ithorian Herdships.[8]



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A white Hoojib

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