Hook hawks were a carnivorous bird species native to the Stark Forests on Tython during the time before the Old Republic. Packs of hook hawks used their mesmerizing songs to seduce prey into a somnolent trance before killing and devouring them.

Biology and appearanceEdit

As their name implies, hook hawks were winged raptors with conspicuously hooked beaks that, like their razor-sharp, shiny talons, were adapted for gouging eyes. Their eyes were dark and expressed intelligence, and pivotal to their hunting, their voice glands had an affinity for producing gentle melodies pleasing to the point of hypnosis for prey.


Hook hawks hunted in packs, and their attacks were preceded by a harmonic melody sung like a symphony as they hovered around their prey, beating their wings in a gentle rhythm. The enchanting song could induce severe lethargy if the prey were exposed to it for an extended period of time. Once incapacitated, the hook hawks would dive on their prey with their sharp beaks and talons, aiming to gouge out its eyes and shred its throat.


As a potential danger to young Je'daii Journeyers, defense against hook hawks was a part of their lessons. It was taught that the splashing of water could smother out their music.

When the teenage Lanoree Brock and her brother Dalien set out on their Great Journey, the hook hawks were the very first danger that they encountered. Although Dalien was quickly caught in the hypnosis, Lanoree was able to fend off the raptors with a Force punch.


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