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The Horansi were sentient felinoids indigenous to Mutanda.

Horansi culture was one based on a strictly enforced caste system, and although it was seen as barbaric by offworlders, the Horansi saw it as the key to keeping their race far from the horrific warfare and bloodshed they once knew in its past. Each subspecies knew its place in the world and was bound tightly to it, and none ever mated outside of their caste.


Society and cultureEdit

Horansi were big-cats by nature, and their behavior showed it. Although only somewhat aloof among their own kind, their ethnocentric views meant that anyone who was not Horansi was only worth their time and effort if they wanted to exert themselves.

They owed nothing to any Kimach (outsider), unless the individual Horansi saw fit. The Horansi usually said nothing of this feeling, though their exclusive behavior did in a very subtle way. The Horansi also had other cat-like behavioral patterns, such as rubbing cheeks in greetings with a familiar soul of the same subspecies, or someone extremely familiar.

Technology was eyed thoroughly for its use and benefits to the race before even being allowed onto the planet, and only then if it would not interfere with their cultural beliefs and the planet's ecosystem. Blasters were not used on-world, and were considered dishonorable if even worn on-world. It was believed that battles should be fought claw to claw; swords were used as were various bladed weapons, bows and arrows.

The Horansi were well-known in the galaxy for their sight, allowing them to see far-away distances not possible for many other species. They could even hunt prey in the dead of night, because of their night vision. They made good use of the prothium mines on their planet, selling themselves out as hunting guides for miners and soldiers stationed on Mutanda.


Although the exact evolutionary details were very uncertain, the Horansi were great cats who had evolved into bipedalism and sentience. They varied in height and appearance in accordance to their four subspecies, but certain aspects remained standard among them.

All walked on digitigrade legs allowing them to retain most of the speed and power their quadruped ancestors had. They still ran on four paws easily, but they tended to prefer standing on two feet for both comfort and culture (if a Horansi walked on all fours without good reason, such as hunting, attacking, or stalking, they were considered backwards).

In their evolution, the female's mammary glands had reduced in number to two, and shifted upwards on their bodies to the upper torso, very much like a Human female's. A Horansi female could only bear two cubs in a litter.



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