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The Horansi were sentient felinoids indigenous to Mutanda.

Biology and appearance[]

The Horsani were bipedal, but could utilize all four limbs when running to increase their speed. They were carnivores and and covered in thick hair. The species had excellent vision, especially at night. They were divided into four distinct subpecies. Horsani had an atypical rest cycle, usually four to six hours of rest followed by activity.[1]


Society and culture[]

The Horansi could cross-breed between subspecies, but this was rarely done due to cultural differences. The Gorvan were exceptions to this, as they would often forcibly take mates from the other subspecies. The Horsani were exposed to advanced technology by the corporations that came to their system but decided to retain their more primitive lifestyles. They showed no desire to unite as a species, and were often manipulated by criminals and other unscrupulous beings.[2]



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