"So correspondent? Does this answer your questions about Zirtran's Anchor?"
"Indeed. And then some. I'm hoping this article will appear in the stacks about starport travel. I'd say that you and a certain Miss Okeefe have been more than helpful."
―A lethagoe and Horatio Varn-Kezzler[src]

Horatio Varn-Kezzler was a male Coruscanti journalist who grew up on Coruscant. He lived there when the planet served as the imperial capital world. He was very interested in the circumstances of the disappearance and later set out to discover the truth about the mysterious space station Zirtran's Anchor in the Phosphura Belt Nebula. For this reason, he contacted Platt Okeefe, who was familiar with the space station, the smuggler helped him and even got him an interview with a Lethagoe. Although he believed that the information he received from Okeefe and the stranger was extremely useful, his interlocutor knew that he did not know much about it. In addition, during the interview, he was spied on by a Kalai, the father of Lethagoe, who was researching for information about the Empire and finding it.


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