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Duke Horis Thul was a Human male from House of Thul during the Cold War.


In 3643 BBY, Duke Horis Thul supported peace talks proposed by Duke Charle Organa, and the peace process would fall apart if Thul was killed by a Republic superweapon. He encountered the Hero of Tython who arrived to rescue Horis. Claiming the Jedi had come to kill Thul and sabotage the alliance she was negotiating, Aleyna Hark ordered the duke's guards to attack. However, the Knight defeated Hark and the guards and was able to convince the duke of her treachery. When the duke and the Jedi demanded the targeting device, Hark spitefully destroyed it and revealed that she had marked them too. Thul chose that moment to punch Hark in the jaw, knocking the Mirialan out cold. He then revealed that he had been tracking Nefarid, in case the Sith betrayed House Thul, and gave the Jedi Nefarid's location. Before he fled for the spaceport, the duke demanded that Aleyna die, but the Knight convinced the duke to arrest her and put her on trial instead. Wynne Organa later informs the Knight that Thul had turned Aleyna over to House Organa as a sign of good faith.

Horis later sent a message to the Hero, to express his thanks and explaining that his interrogation of Aleyna has revealed Imperial spies in his house.