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The Horn family was a notable family on Corellia and, in reality, an amalgamation of two families—namely, the Horn family and the Halcyon family. When the Jedi Nejaa Halcyon was killed, his friend Rostek Horn married the widow Scerra Halcyon and adopted his son Valin Halcyon, renaming him Hal Horn to protect him from the Great Jedi Purge.

As Corellian Jedi, the Halcyons/Horns had customs different from other members of the Jedi order, they did not keep the vow of celibacy and readily married and sired children, they generally did not travel beyond Corellian space, keeping their peacekeeping activities to their home system, and passed ritual Jedi Credits down through the generations.

Hal Horn, like his stepfather before him, became a member of the Corellian Security Force. Hal and his wife Nyche's son Corran Horn became one of the notable heroes in the galaxy through his exploits in CorSec, Rogue Squadron and as a member of the New Jedi Order. Corran married Mirax Terrik, bringing the Terrik family into the mix. They had a son and a daughter who would become Jedi Knights themselves, thus carrying on the legacy of the Halcyon family.

The male Halcyon/Horn Jedi were notably lacking in telekinetic abilities, but particularly strong in the area of altering minds with illusions and the rare ability to absorb energy using the Force, known as tutaminis. Corran would discover, like his grandfather before him, that he could use this absorbed energy to fuel sometimes spectacular feats of telekinesis, as he did on Courkrus when he confronted Shala the Hutt.

Family treeEdit

Keiran Halcyon
Unknown generations
Rostek Horn
Scerra Halcyon
Nejaa Halcyon
by adoption
Valin "Hal" Horn
Nyche Horn
Booster Terrik
Jysella Terrik
Corran Horn
Mirax Terrik
Valin Horn
Jysella Horn

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Behind the scenesEdit

"Halcyon" is an old-English name for a species of colorful diving bird, known today as a "kingfisher". Halcyon is also a synonym for peace or peaceful. In connection to this, the phrase "halcyon days" is often used to refer to a bygone time of happiness and contentment.


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