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==Behind the scenes==
There have been two US Navy Aircraft Carriers named ''[[Wikipedia:USS Hornet|Hornet]]''. The ''[[Wikipedia:USS Hornet (CV-8)|first]]'' served from the start of the Second World War until its loss at the [[Wikipedia:Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands|Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands]] to Japanese forces. Soon after its loss, the US Navy renamed an unfinished hull of an [[Wikipedia:Essex class aircraft carrier|''Essex''-class carrier]] to ''[[Wikipedia:USS Hornet (CV-12)|Hornet]]'' to keep her namesake alive. The second ''Hornet'' survived the Second World War and is now a museum ship.

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The Hornet-class carrier was a large warship developed by SoroSuub Corporation prior to the Invasion of Naboo.


The ship was readily identifiable by its slim design and bridge mounted near the center of its bulk. Some were equipped with baffled ion engines to reduce their sensor profiles.[1]


A pair of these vessels supported a squadron of Z-95 Headhunters and droid fighters in an attack on Station TFP-9 intended to capture several Naboo N-1 fighters and police cruisers.[1]

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