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Major Horst was a Human male officer of the Galactic Empire who was stationed on the Mid Rim planet of Danuta. During the year 0 BBY, Horst commanded a patrol skiff that would circle the area surrounding a research laboratory that contained technical data for an Imperial superweapon known as the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station, or as it later came to be known, the Death Star. While on patrol one night, the facility was raided by a mercenary named Kyle Katarn, who had been hired by the Alliance to Restore the Republic, whose goal was to steal the Death Star data. Horst was alerted to Katarn's presence, and attempted to eliminate the rebel threat, only to have his skiff shot down and destroyed, with Horst dying in the resulting explosion.


A Human male, Horst joined the military ranks of the Galactic Empire sometime before 0 BBY. Eventually, Horst became an officer, attaining the rank of Major. Horst was assigned[1] to the Mid Rim[2] planet of Danuta at some point, and as a part of his assignment he would command a skiff to patrol the perimeter of a research facility located in the capital city of Trid. The facility he protected contained the technical data for an Imperial superweapon known as the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station, or as it later came to be known, the Death Star. As the Empire tightened its grip on the galaxy, a band of freedom fighters known as the Alliance to Restore the Republic instituted Operation Skyhook, a mission that would see the retrieval of the Death Star plans, so that they could be analyzed for a weakness in the space stations structure. The Alliance eventually hired the mercenary Kyle Katarn, along with with rebel agent Jan Ors, to invade the Danuta facility. Katarn also managed to persuade an old friend and Imperial officer Meck Odom to aid in the mission as well.[1]

During the mission, Katarn eventually alerted the base to his presence. Major Horst received the command to intercept the rebel, although with only a vague description of what was going on, Horst assumed the issue was nothing more than a breach in the perimeter. However, yearning for action, Horst eagerly went to the task, mounting up on his skiff. Shortly after the command was issued, Katarn infiltrated a security station where he encountered another Imperial Major named Horst. The mercenary killed Horst and stole a keycard of his, which Katarn would later use to invade the lower levels of the facility. Meanwhile, the living Horst nearly finished his patrol when he sighted Ors' ship, the Moldy Crow. The Crow intercepted Horst's skiff, and after a brief exchange of fire, Horst's skiff was shot down. The eager officer perished in the resulting explosion. Katarn ultimately stole the Death Star plans,[1] and eventually a weakness was exposed, allowing the rebels to destroy the Death Star.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Horst likened his charisma and abilities to that of a wolf, and after long working ours of nothing but patrol work, he was genuinely excited to see finally see some action during the raid. However, Horst underestimated his opposition due to a lack of intel, and was not prepared to go one-on-one with a starship, which led to his death.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Horst first appeared in the novella Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire as a minor character. Horst later received in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia. However, the Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire audio drama had a character named Horst who was completely different than the character described in the novella. In the audio drama, Horst was the officer who Katarn stole a key from after a confrontation. This article assumes that the Danuta facility had two wholly different individuals named Horst.



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