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"No sane person who has been in 'action' could ever wish to experience it anew. The thrills, the excitement, do nothing at all to compensate for the terror and the bloodshed."
Admiral Hortel Ossilege[src]

Hortel Ossilege was a male Bakuran naval officer who served under Prime Minister Gaeriel Captison. He was the leader of the Bakuran Defense Fleet that was loaned to the New Republic during the Corellian Crisis.


A native of the planet Bakura, Ossilege helped build up the Bakuran navy without the knowledge of the New Republic by patching up derelict cruisers purchased on the black market or by obtaining military frigates and purporting to convert them to civilian starships and selling them to dummy front companies owned by the Bakuran military. He also supervised the experimental hyperwave inertial momentum sustainer or HIMS project, which allowed his fleet to penetrate interdiction fields.

Ossilege commanded the Namana-class light cruiser Intruder, the flagship of the Bakuran fleet. He died in Battle of Centerpoint Station after valiantly sacrificing his ship to deliver a heavy blow to the Sacorrian fleet.

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Ossilege was small and slight, bald, with thick eyebrows and a pointed goatee. He was neat and well groomed, usually dressed in his elaborate Bakuran naval dress uniform, decorated with dozens of medals and ribbons. Though ostentatious, Admiral Ossilege possessed a keen tactical mind and hard-won military experience.



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