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This article covers a Star Wars Legends subject that was published under the Infinities label or that Lucasfilm otherwise declared non-canon within the Legends continuity.

Hortentious Clee was an individual who ruled as a tyrannical space despot. The autocrat once employed a private guard named Prod for some time, to work as Clee's henchcreature. Prod's attributions included the torture of individuals by air drowning, tooth removal, and dismemberment on behalf of Clee.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Hortentious Clee was mentioned in a segment meant to look like Prod's professional resume, written by Bob Carrau for the 1993 book Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas, a publication that combines creature designs and photographs from various projects of George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars franchise, with original text by Carrau.[1] Lucasfilm employee Leland Chee, who maintains the Holocron continuity database, has indicated that information contained in the book is non-canonical.[2] Clee's species and gender were not identified in the book.[1]


Notes and references[]

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