"So, you're seeking excitement and horror. Well, you've come to the right place!"

Horville was an alien male individual who ran Horville's Hut of Horrors on the Forest Moon of Endor. In 3 ABY, his establishment was visited by a group of Ewoks, who were searching for something more exciting than the Tumble Bunnies show. Horville was able to convince them to come inside to see his show, after which they all ran out, screaming, as it had been a very frightening affair. The young Ewoks continued crying about Horville's horrors that afternoon, and he continued to scare one of the Ewoks, Wicket Warrick, who had nightmares that night.


A scary hut

"I'm Horville and this is my Hut of Horrors."

Horville presents his Hut of Horrors.

Horville was an alien male individual who ran an attraction known as Horville's Hut of Horrors on the Forest Moon of Endor. Years before[1] 3 ABY,[2] the hut was visited by the Ewoks Willy and Weechee Warrick, the former of whom was frightened to the extent of having trouble sleeping for a week.[1] In 3 ABY,[2] he brought his Hut of Horrors to a carnival in Bright Tree Village.[1]

During the carnival, Horville's business was visited by the young Ewoks Wicket Warrick, Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Teebo, and Latara, who had been tasked with bringing their wokling siblings to see the Tumble Bunny show. After being fed up with the show being boring, they went to the hut in search of something more fun. Horville stepped outside to welcome them, which startled Warrick and caused the rest of the Ewoks to scream. He then commended them for choosing his attraction, calling it the right place for one seeking excitement and horror, and he introduced himself and his hut.[1]

Too scary for woklings

"Step up, brave Ewoks, and see what's inside."

Horville beckoned the Ewoks to step up even as Kintaka tried to get Warrick to go back to the Tumble Bunnies. He introduced his exhibitions, which included Garth the snake eater, the hideous Ploob, and Bilbob the Mystic, all of whom caused the woklings to scream in terror. Warrick held a vote to decide whether the group would visit the Hut of Horrors or the Tumble Bunnies. Despite the vote choosing the bunnies, Warrick proclaimed that the hut had won, personally guaranteeing that the woklings would enjoy themselves. Horville showed them the way in as eerie music played and chortled as the Ewoks went inside.[1]

Horville waves goodbye.

They later ran out, screaming as Horville waved goodbye. He asked them to tell their friends about his Hut of Horrors despite their clear displeasure with it. Kintaka had been correct to be skeptical of Warrick's idea, as Horville's show thorougly scared the wokling; they all cried in fright for the rest of the afternoon. That night, all of the woklings had nightmares related to Horville's horrors, but they did not experience them, as a device created by the shaman Logray sucked the dreams away. However, the magic device fell over, and all of the dreams instead went to Warrick. In his dream, he was being chased by Horville, who rode a pink animal whom he told to get the young Ewok. Eventually, he was indeed captured by Horville, after which Warrick woke up.[1]

Personality and traits

"Goodbye, Ewok. Tell all your friends about Horville's Hut of Horrors."

A member of a sentient, bipedal species, Horville had no qualms with sending young woklings into his scary hut; indeed, he called them brave and beckoned them closer to him. He payed no attention to the Ewoks' screams after they visited his show, instead asking them to continue to advertise his attraction. He had white hair, black eyes, and gray skin. Horville's feet were three-toed, and his hands had four fingers.[1]


Horville wore red clothing.[1]

Behind the scenes

Horville first appeared in "Horville's Hut of Horrors,"[1] the sixteenth episode in the second season of the animated television series Ewoks, which was written by Paul Dini and premiered on November 15, 1986.[3]


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