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"Hosk Station, of all the uncivilized, remote, desolate places to be sent to, why did it have to be here, Artoo?"
C-3PO to R2-D2[src]

Hosk Station was a major trading port and space station that covered the surface of Kalarba's largest moon. The station's close proximity to several wealthy systems allowed it to become an important trading center.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Hosk Station schematics.

Hosk Station was an Esseles-class space station built by Alderaan Royal Engineers for the Galactic Republic. It was used as a docking and transfer point for many starships. It was, in many ways, a typical space station with a population of 5 million sentients. Artificial gravity and atmosphere generators provided a comfortable climate for Humans, while different sections of the station had different gravities and atmospheres to accommodate other sentient species. A computerized map of Hosk Station could be accessed from any public data terminal.[1]

Hosk Station maintained almost any form of business imaginable, from small businesses and droid dealerships to opulent restaurants and luxurious hotels. The station's interior was filled with starship repair and construction bays. For defense, the station was equipped with ten turbolasers and a contingent of 8 short-range Zebra starfighters. Twelve tractor beam projectors were also mounted near the main docking bay clusters. Incoming starships were required to slave their computers to the starport controllers and allow the station's tractor beams to handle docking procedures.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Hosk Station visible from Kalarba.

Hosk Station was first built as a supply and repair station by the Old Republic. Its location was chosen because of its close proximity to the Colonies, at the innermost border of the Mid Rim on the Corellian Run, and its low gravity, which was useful for capital ships coming in to dock. The Kalarba system's asteroid belts also provided a convenient supply of metals and ores.[1]

After Hosk Station was in use for thousands of years, it lost its purpose. Many of the Colonies region planets had stabilized, and trouble spots occurred in areas that were closer to other supply stations. As a result, the Republic sold the station to civilian interests.[1]

During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, Hosk Station crashed into Kalarba through the use of the Yo'gand's Core tactic during the Battle of Kalarba in 26 ABY. Although armed with ten turbolasers and a fleet of Zebra fighters, the station was overwhelmed and utterly destroyed.

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