"Arthon, Hosra...hmm. Interesting. I'm no expert, but yes, these look like places Lor San Tekka might have gone."
Leia Organa to Poe Dameron[src]

Hosra was an agrarian planet and the fourth planet of the Burnin Konn system in the Anoat sector. It had no mineral wealth or any major fuel sources.[1]

It was once home to a noble family which later became extinct, though some theorised they still resided in secret, but with no evidence.[1]

By the time of the Iron Blockade, Hosra did have at least two permanent residents, Master Xiath and his apprentice Amrosio, both of whom belonged to an ancient Force-based order that had been helping the sector's Noble Court maintain their independence under the Galactic Republic and survive the purges of the Galactic Empire.[2]

Decades later, based on information provided by Grakkus the Hutt, the Resistance thought that Lor San Tekka might have gone to Hosra after leaving Ovanis.[3]



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