"I am Lord Hossferin! Of the Vandelae star system Hossferins! Now go and fetch your so-called queen at once! Or you will feel the legendary Hossferin wrath!"
―Hossferin demands an audience with the Queen of Ktath'atn[src]

Hossferin was a male lord of the Vandelae star system Hossferins who traveled to the planet Ktath'atn in order to try and meet with its queen. Upon his arrival, he was outraged to learn that the reception the queen held once a year to meet with those hoping to earn a favor from her had ended prematurely and so he would not be granted audience. Refusing to give up he began threatening the queen's guards until her lieutenant Bombinax arrived and killed the lord by pushing him off a cliff.


"Ah, here comes one of her lieutenants now. Bombinax, is it? Perhaps now we can get some—wha—aaaaaahhh!"
―Hossferin's final words[src]
Hossferin group shot

Hossferin traveled to see the queen with two guards.

Lord Hossferin was a male member of the Vandelae star system Hossferins who in the year 0 ABY traveled from the moons of Ai'ken Prime to the planet Ktath'atn in order to obtain an audience with the Queen of Ktath'atn. He planned to attend the annual reception that queen held where she would offer favors to guests in exchange for them bringing exotic and interesting forms of organic life to her. Upon his arrival at the gates of the queen's citadel he was informed by the guards that the reception had already ended the previous day.[1]

Bombinax and Hossferin

Hossferin was killed by Bombinax.

Outraged, he threatened the guards and demanded an audience nonetheless. As he complained, the queen's lieutenant Bombinax approached the gate, and seeing someone of higher standing than the guards, the lord assumed he was making progress. Without a word however, Bombinax swung the back of his hand into Hossferin as he passed, knocking the lord over a cliff edge where he fell to his death. Bombinax then killed the lord's two guards and returned to his task of attempting to eliminate the Wookiee bounty hunter Black Krrsantan.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"We have come all the way from the moons of Ai'ken Prime to see the queen! Do you have any idea who I am, you trumped-up little butlers?"
―Hossferin insults the guards refusing him audience with the queen[src]

Hossferin was outraged by the refusal to grant him audience with the queen, believing that someone of his status ccould not be turned down. He began insulting the guards and even the queen, threatening to show them the "legendary Hossferin wrath" if they did not submit to his demands. Hossferin had yellow eyes, black hair and brown skin.[1]


The lord wore a green suit of armor with a yellow cape and feathered hat.[1]

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Hossferin first appeared in the comic book Star Wars 31, which was written by Jason Aaron, illustrated by Salvador Larroca[1] and released on May 17, 2017.[2]


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