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Hot Prospect was a Calipsan 560 mining ship, which was used by Zayne Carrick and his crew after the Vindication.


The Hot Prospect in flight

When Marn Hierogryph sent Slyssk to buy a new ship for the group, the latter became confused as he had never bought a starship before - only "borrowed" them. The saleslady whom Slyssk met with tricked him, saying that the Hot Prospect was a "gem" of a ship, when it was actually a gem miner. As a result Slyssk choose to buy the Calipsan mining ship, which looked equally ugly both inside and outside. Gryph had Slyssk spend the rest of his life debt cleaning it up.

Later Jarael and Rohlan used the ship while traveling to Metellos 3. When Zayne finally caught up with his friends, Gryph introduced the ship to the former Jedi, to Carrick's great surprise and perplexity. The ship was later used to ferry the group to the Chancellor Fillorean, Pantolomin, Wor Tandell and, finally, the Koornacht Cluster, where it fought in a space battle against the Gladiator.