The Hoth Limited set is the second full expansion set of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game, a card game based on the Star Wars universe. It consists of 162 cards (81 Dark Side and 81 Light Side cards) and was introduced in November 1996. This set consists of 54 rare, 54 uncommon, and 54 common cards. This set introduced many of the classic characters from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back that were involved with the Battle of Hoth. A complete list of the Hoth Limited set can be found on the players committee's page.

Because this is an expansion set, it bears an expansion-set symbol, which is located near the top right corner of the card to the right of the lore and below the destiny number. The symbol for this set is the planet Hoth.

This set was sold in 15-card expansion packs and 36-pack expansion boxes. Each pack include one rare card, four uncommon cards, and ten common cards. Although starter decks were never produced for this set, an The Empire Strikes Back Introductory Two-Player Game featuring cards from the Hoth expansion was released shortly after. The set went out of print in September of 1998 when the Hoth Revised Unlimited set came out (an almost identical set with some minor revisions to game text and with white borders instead of black). A Japanese-text set was released for this expansion set in Japan.

Card ListEdit

Dark SideEdit

•A Dark Time for the Rebellion
Admiral Ozzel
AT-AT Cannon
AT-AT Driver
Blizzard 1
Blizzard 2
Blizzard Scout 1
Blizzard Walker
•Breached Defenses
Captain Lennox
•Captain Piett
•Cold Feet
•Collapsing Corridor
ComScan Detection
•Crash Landing
•Death Mark
Death Squadron
•Debris Zone
Deflector Shield Generators
•Direct Hit
E-web Blaster
•Frozen Dinner
•Furry Fury
FX-10 (Effex-ten)
General Veers
•He Hasn’t Come Back Yet
•High Anxiety
•Hoth: Defensive Perimeter
•Hoth: Echo Command Center (War Room)
•Hoth: Echo Corridor
•Hoth: Echo Docking Bay
•Hoth: Ice Plains
•Hoth: North Ridge
•Hoth: Wampa Cave
•I’d Just As Soon Kiss a Wookiee
•Ice Storm
•Image of the Dark Lord
•Imperial Domination
Imperial gunner
•Imperial Supply
Infantry Mine
Lieutenant Cabbel
Lightsaber Deficiency
•Meteor Impact?
•Mournful Roar
•Oh, Switch Off
Ord Mantell
•Our First Catch of the Day
Portable Fusion Generator
•Probe Antennae
Probe Droid
•Probe Droid Laser
•Probe Telemetry
•Responsibility of Command
•Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herder
•Self-Destruct Mechanism
•Silence is Golden
•Snowtrooper Officer
•Stop Motion
•Tactical Support
•Target the Main Generator
•That’s It, the Rebels are There!
•The Shield Doors Must Be Closed
•This is Just Wrong
•Too Cold for Speeders
•Turn It Off! Turn It Off!
Vehicle Mine
•Walker Barrage
•Wall of Fire
•Weapon Malfunction
•Yaggle Gakkle

Light SideEdit

2-1B (Too-Onebee)
Anakin’s Lightsaber
Artillery Remote
Atgar Laser Cannon
•Attack Pattern Delta
Bacta Tank
Cal Alder
•Commander Luke Skywalker
Concussion Grenade
Dack Ralter
•Dark Dissension
Derek 'Hobbie' Klivian
•Disarming Creature
•Dual Laser Cannon
Echo Base Operations
Echo Base Trooper
Echo Base Trooper Officer
Echo Trooper Backpack
EG-4 (Eegee-Four) •Evacuation Control •Fall Back! •Frostbite •FX-7 (Effex-Seven)
•General Carlist Rieekan
Golan Laser Battery
•Hoth Survival Gear
•Hoth: Defensive Perimeter
•Hoth: Echo Command Center (War Room)
•Hoth: Echo Corridor
•Hoth: Echo Docking Bay
•Hoth: Echo Med Lab
•Hoth: Main Power Generators
•Hoth: North Ridge
•Hoth: Snow Trench
•I Thought They Smelled Bad on the Outside
•Ice Storm
•Infantry Mine
•It Can Wait
Jeroen Webb
K-3PO (Kay-Threepio)
•Lucky Shot
•Major Bren Derlin
Medium Repeating Blaster Cannon
Medium Transport
•Nice of You Guys to Drop By
•One More Pass
Ord Mantell
•Perimeter Scan
Planet Defender Ion Cannon
Power Harpoon
R-3PO (Ar-Threepio)
R2 Sensor Array
R5-M2 (Arfive-Emmtoo)
Rebel Scout
Rogue 1
Rogue 2
Rogue 3
Rogue Gunner
Romas "Lock" Navander
•Rug Hug
Shawn Valdez
Surface Defense Cannon
Tamizander Rey
•Tauntaun Bones
Tauntaun Handler
•The First Transport is Away!
Tigran Jamiro
Toryn Farr
•Under Attack
Vehicle Mine
•Walker Sighting
WED-1016 'Techie' Droid
Wes Janson
•Who’s Scruffy-Looking?
Wyron Serper
•You Have Failed Me for the Last Time
•You Will Go to the Dagobah System
Zev Senesca

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