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"I was just admiring your ship, sir."
"Don't admire it too closely. Its security system has a habit of blasting snoops."
Ezra Bridger and Bossk[1]

The Hound's Tooth was a modified Corellian Engineering Corporation YV-666 light freighter used as the personal starship of Bossk, a Trandoshan bounty hunter.


Bossk escapes an explosion aboard the Hound's Tooth in his Z-95 Headhunter, Nashtah Pup.

The Hound's Tooth was a modified YV-666 light freighter manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation.[1] The elongated, rectangular hull was topped with the ship's command bridge, giving the pilot a commanding view through the segmented viewport.[6] A deflector shield generator was situated below the bridge, and a forward ramp allowed access into the interior, as did a side ramp close to the aft manoeuvring fins. A rather grim painted mascot adorned the side of the forward hull, depicting a female Trandoshan standing betwixt the ship's name in aurebesh, with a battle-axe strapped to her back, a blaster in one hand and a Wookiee's severed head in the other.[5][7]

Within, the vessel's lower decks were taken up by the engines, power core, and weapon systems.[6] It was equipped with a quad laser cannon turret, an ion cannon, and a concussion missile launcher. The Hound's Tooth could reach speeds of up to 1,190 kph, and had a Class 1.5 hyperdrive. Bossk used his ordinary-looking freighter to store his huge collection of weapons, interrogation tools, and gruesome trophies from his years as a bounty hunter. He transformed the YV-666's cargo bays into high-security prisoner cells, and installed an advanced security system that ensured anyone attempting to break in would be blasted.[5] One of the cargo holds, residing on the ship's upper level,[2] was transformed into a launch bay for his personal Z-95-AF4 Headhunter, Nashtah Pup.[8]


The Hound's Tooth docks in the Quarzite space station.

Bossk used the Hound's Tooth as his personal starship,[4] modifying the ordinary-looking vessel for his far-from-ordinary work as a bounty hunter.[5]

In 20 BBY, members of Krayt's Claw, including Boba Fett, Dengar, C-21 Highsinger, Latts Razzi, and Asajj Ventress used Bossk's ship to travel to the Quarzite space station orbiting the planet Quarzite to accept a job.[9]

During the Age of the Empire, Bossk flew the Hound's Tooth to the Outer Rim planet of Lothal to collect a bounty on the Dug criminal Gronson Takkaro. For much of that trip, the ship remained at the spaceport of Lothal's Capital City.[1] At another time, the ship suffered an explosion that forced Bossk to abandon the freighter in his personal Z-95-AF4 Headhunter, the Nashtah Pup.[8]

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