The Hound was a Venator-class Star Destroyer in operation during the early formation of the Galactic Empire, and operated under Darth Vader's authority, and was directly commanded by Captain Gillehspy.


After Jedi Knight Dass Jennir had been reportedly sighted on the Colonies planet Kestavel, Vader, after Lieutenant Gregg informed him of the intel (while the latter had been sworn to secrecy by Emperor Palpatine himself regarding their contact), told him to tell Gillehspy to prepare the Hound for departure within the hour. Gregg followed through with the order, but was nonetheless surprised that Vader was planning to take a Venator-class destroyer for the hunt.

Vader arrived on the Hound aboard Falco Sang's starship, although it caused some confusion among the crew of the Hound, as they had expected Vader to arrive in his shuttle.

Kestavel and Hound

The Hound orbiting Kestavel.

Shortly after arrival at Kestavel, the Hound was ordered into indefinite standby mode while Vader personally led a detachment of clone stormtroopers to the suspected location of Jennir's hiding place, a casino called The Lucky Twi'lek. The officers then watched from the surface of the Star Destroyer and got a report from one of the clones, Commander CC-4816, regarding an incident where, upon arrival, they ended up drenched in engine fuel and are currently trapped. The officers attempted to relay the information, but Gregg interfered by pointing his blaster at one of the officers, informing them that Vader had ordered him to ensure that no interferences were made to Vader's mission, not even to aid him. The officers then witnessed the blaze shortly thereafter, causing them to believe Vader had been killed.


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