"Riot Squadron had a mission. Hound Squadron had a mission. Someone has to finish it, and I think - we have a certain responsibility. Being part of a squadron means working together."
―Wyl Lark to Chass na Chadic[src]

Hound Squadron was a Rebel Alliance and later New Republic A/SF-01 B-wing starfighter Squadron that was active during the Galactic Civil War. It was formed from the surviving ranks of two squadrons decimated in the dark months following the Battle of Hoth.[1]


Skirmish at JiruusEdit

In the weeks following the Battle of Endor, Imperial TIE fighters attacked the Hellion's Dare while in orbit above the planet Jiruus. Both Hound and Riot Squadrons scrambled to defend the frigate before escaping to hyperspace.[1]

Attack on the Hellion's DareEdit

"You want to explain how they found us?"
"Unknown, Prepare to launch."
―Fadime and Stanislok[src]

Shortly after the skirmish at Jiruus, the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing of the Galactic Empire launched another relentless series of attacks on the Hellion's Dare in the Oridol Cluster, eventually leading to the frigate's destruction and loss of many of the squadron's pilots. The last surviving members of the squadron (Chass, Merish & Glothe) and their B-wings, were later consolidated into Riot Squadron.[1]


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