"They are devoted keepers of Alderaan's history."
Elana Thul to Lord Kallig.[src]

House Alde, was an ancient Great House on the planet Alderaan. Founded centuries before the founding of the Galactic Republic in 25,053 BBY, House Alde was the first royal house of Alderaan after Darrus Alde brought centuries of inter-house rivalries and conflict to an end at the ravine later known as King's Pass. He was crowned King of Alderaan by the newly-formed Alderaanian Parliament, and the house became known for its preoccupation with preserving the blood and lineage of Alderaan's first king. In the century before the Alderaan Civil War, Alde became a steadfast ally of House Organa, and the two houses remained staunchly loyal to the Republic in the fighting that followed Prince Gaul Panteer's death.


Early historyEdit

"They're Alderaan's original rulers. They've lost most of their political power but none of their snootiness."
Risha Drayen, during the Cold War[src]

The planet Alderaan was colonized by Humans around the year 27,500 BBY,[9] and House Alde soon rose to prominence as one of a number of noble houses that existed on the world. However, centuries after Alderaan's settling, during the time when Darrus Alde was the head of House Alde, many of the noble houses on Alderaan were at war with each other, and the combatants gathered for a major battle at a ravine south of the Juran Mountains. Before battle could commence, Alde parleyed with the other noble families and ended the conflict, convincing the houses to abandon their ancient rivalries and uniting them in the first iteration of the Alderaanian Parliament. The Elysium, a towering structure in the Glarus Valley that served as a meeting place for the Parliament, was soon constructed, and Darrus Alde was elected and anointed as the first king of Alderaan within the Elysium's walls by the other Great Houses of Alderaan.[2]

House Alde soon established an estate, also known as House Alde, in the Juran Mountains, and the ravine where Darrus Alde had stopped the houses' battle became known as King's Pass in his honor. The King's Road was established to connect King's Pass to the crossroads between the Fornaak River and House Alde, and the road passed through Kingsroad Dale and around Fort Alde, a military outpost of House Alde to the south of the House's estate.[8] Alderaan soon joined the Galactic Republic when it was founded in 25,053 BBY,[11] and House Alde developed strong ties to the Republic that remained for thousands of years. By the time of the Cold War between the Republic and the Sith Empire, House Alde was the oldest surviving Alderaan noble house, and its members had become obsessed with antiquity and lineage as a result.[10]

House Alde prided itself on the purity of the bloodline of King Alde, avoiding "foreign" influences to preserve the blood of Alderaan's first king, and their fascination with history left the House isolated and eccentric. However, the House maintained a reputation as the foremost resource on Alderaanian history and lore, operating the Royal Museum of Alderaan on the grounds of the Alde estate, and the House's pride and pompous air rarely led to the true arrogance that other noble families possessed, so the House's devotion to history was considered unusual and nothing more by other Houses. Sometime before 3743 BBY, House Alde became allied with House Organa, another House that maintained strong ties with the Republic[10] and a House whose ancestors were instrumental in the Republic's founding.[12] House Alde maintained an embassy on the grounds of the Organa estate to ensure close relations between the two families.[1]

Gregor, Parvin, and their daughter Jaesa Willsaam were servants in the employ of the noblewoman Renata Alde in the years before the Cold War, though the family was taken in by House Organa, and Jaesa became the handmaiden of Geselle Organa before she was recruited into the Jedi Order.[5] The closeness between Houses Alde and Organa extended to familial ties as well; Geselle was to be married to an earl of House Alde on her eighteenth birthday, though the wedding was postponed and eventually cancelled for undisclosed reasons.[7]

The civil warEdit

House Alde

House Alde

When the Great Galactic War between the Republic and the Sith Empire ended with the Treaty of Coruscant in 3653 BBY, Alderaan's Senator and Crown Prince Gaul Panteer was outraged at the Republic's acceptance of the Empire's terms, and he withdrew his world from the Republic. However, before Gaul could complete the negotiations to return Alderaan to the Republic in the Cold War that followed the Treaty, he and his mother, Queen Silara Panteer, were murdered by assassins. Bouris Ulgo of House Ulgo immediately laid claim to the vacant throne, and he was challenged by both House Organa and the newly-returned House Thul, which was backed by the Empire. Alderaan was soon engulfed in the Alderaan Civil War,[13] which saw the forty-seven Great Houses[14] break into three factions behind Houses Ulgo, Organa, and Thul.[13] House Alde remained loyal to House Organa, and Count Alde decided to co-fund the Republic superweapon initiative's Death Mark laser project when General Var Suthra established the project's research center in the Mensaav Laboratory on Alderaan.[1]

In 3643 BBY,[15] when the Death Mark project was seized by Imperial forces under the Sith Lord Sadic, the Mirialan spy arrived at the Alde embassy posing as a member of the project who had escaped the Imperial attack. Count Alde himself met with Hark to learn what had happened, and he was soon joined by a young Jedi Knight sent to secure the project and locate the missing Jedi Master Orgus Din. However, during the meeting, Hark marked both the Jedi and the Count with the targeting device for the Death Mark laser, allowing Sadic to kill Count Alde in the middle of the meeting. Captain Yils, head of the embassy's security, attempted to arrest the Knight and Hark, but the Jedi was allowed to continue the search for the Death Mark and Orgus Din.[1]

During the civil war, Haemon Alde was kidnapped from his Organa protectors by pirates, who forced House Alde to pay a large sum of credits as a ransom.[3]

Renata Alde was guarded by her protector Windredd, and she was forced to repeatedly fend off the romantic advances of Duke Kendoh Thul to the point where she ordered Windredd to attack a Sith Warrior who came looking for Jaesa Willsaam when Alde learned that the Sith had come from Kendoh Thul.[5]

The Sith ultimately defeated Windredd, and after learning of Willsaam's connection to Geselle Organa, allowed Thul's aide FimmRess to capture the Lady Alde and bring her to the Duke.[5]

Maelrich Alde, a former spy who came out of retirement during the civil war to help defend her House, investigated the efforts of House Rist to set up a satellite relay in the southern Juran Mountains. With the help of Republic operatives in the area, Maelrich disabled the relay[4] and destroyed other Rist equipment in the area, and she had Republic operatives report her success to her nephew Captain Alethios at Wardpost Landa.[16]

Baron Alde sought to send a peace offering to Bouris Ulgo, so he arranged for the head of the Sith Lord Darth Bandon—the Sith who killed Ulgo's ancestor Trask Ulgo during the Jedi Civil War three centuries earlier—to be delivered to the Royal Museum.



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