House Barnaba was a coalition of noble families that ruled the Barnaba Province, which was located in the Tapani sector. Barnaba was the most hedonistic of the noble houses and focused more on establishing fashion trends, discovering new vacation spots, fads, causes and so on then on sector politics.


For many centuries, Barnaba remained outside of the machinations of the other houses, content to only dabble in intrigue and instead enjoy its posh lifestyle. Easy access to Mrlsst allowed the house to tap into the lucrative trade going through the Shapani Bypass and gave it more then enough credits to support the extravagant lifestyle of its nobles.

About a hundred years before the rise of the Galactic Empire, House Mecetti used the Tapani Great Council to pass laws targeting Barnaba's trade with the Freeworlds. It's economy threatened, Barnaba moved quickly to seal a treaty with House Melantha which was one of Mecetti's chief rivals. This alliance took some pressure off but nonstop skirmishes with House Mecetti continued. House Barnaba allied itself with the Jalk Syndicate, which had previously been allied with House Mecetti, and in return for allowing the syndicate to operate freely in Barnaba space (with the exception of Vycinyth) the syndicate supplied Barnaba with enough credits to delay the attempted Mecetti takeover until Mecetti backed off. The alliance with Boss Tosk was unknown to most of House Barnaba, even Lady Varin Arabella, who would likely put a stop to it were she to find out.


The sectors premier vacation spot, the resort world of Vycinyth, is located in Barnaba space. All the profits generated from the resort world go straight to the house's coffers. House Barnaba also has a secret source of credits in the form of its alliance with Boss Tosk's Jalk Syndicate.

House Defense Forces (0 BBY to 3.5 ABY)Edit

House Barnaba maintained a small fleet of five Tapani-class assault frigates, along with a host of system patrol craft to keep the safety in the Vycinyth system. House Barnaba also had three luxury cruisers with concealed weapons that could be pressed into service, along with a contract with a mercenary band of some 400 Gamorreans called Grrytok's Band.

Notable MembersEdit



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