Corvastan Benelex

An image of Corvastan protecting Mardu Avoa's son from Thalassian slavers, which were in every guildhouse.

House Benelex, or Benelex Bounty Hunters Guild, based on Paqualis III, was a major house of bounty hunters within the Bounty Hunters' Guild founded by Corvastan Benelex. It was specializing in kidnapping retrieval and LAACDocs. They were also rivals of House Tresario. Boba Fett, using the alias Sava Brec Madak, hired the services of Jodo Kast to supposedly capture Satnik Hiicrop through the Benelex Guild. Cas Ennyl Yllek was Fett's liaison.

During the Galactic Civil War, House Benelex employed around 1,279 hunters and 7,600 administrative and support personnel. During this time, they were primarily active in the Outer Rim Territories, the Corporate Sector, and certain Outer Expansion Region sectors, including Fellwe sector, Ehosiq sector, and Lostar sector.



House of Benelex

Boba Fett leaves the House of Benelex in disguise.

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