House Cadriaan was a coalition of noble families that ruled the Cadriaan Province, which was located in the Tapani sector.

History[edit | edit source]

House Cadriaan was formed when colonists from House Pelagia seceded and formed an independent house, and as such Houses Cadriaan and Pelagia have always had a close and friendly relationship. When the Shapani Bypass was established, Cadriaan found itself controlling some of the most valuable worlds in the sector. Were it not for the protection offered by Pelagia (in return for free access to the lanes), Cadriaan would have been absorbed by Houses Mecetti or Barnaba.

Cadriaan grew and boosted its defenses but always counted on the assistance of Pelagia should it be attacked. When House Pelagia fell, Cadriaan knew it had to rapidly build up its economy and military to prevent it being absorbed by another faction. Cadriaan opened its doors to wealthy investors operating in the sector, many of them from the Freeworlds or the Mining Guild. To entice investments, Cadriaan allowed wealthy and powerful commoners including aliens to buy titles, but Cadriaan made sure to admit only a few select outsiders and never allow its own families to be outnumbered by newcomers.

A Herglic with a Cadriaan sash

Cadriaan Province[edit | edit source]

During the Rebellion era, House Cadriaan controlled the Achillea system, Cesya system, Gilliana system, Listoria system, Nista system, Pavia system and Shopani system. Some of these were formerly controlled by House Pelagia and were absorbed by Cadriaan to protect Pelagia after the fall of the house.

Assets[edit | edit source]

During the Rebellion era, House Cadriaan had a booming economy that relied heavily on trade. It had lower tariffs than the Freeworlds (except for House Calipsa, which faced stiff tariffs) which drew in a lot of business, as did the policy of selling titles to megacorp tycoons. Cadriaan possessed a comprehensive sensor net that allowed it to detect most craft passing through its space.

House Defense Forces (0 BBY to 3.5 ABY)[edit | edit source]

House Cadriaan commanded six Tapani-class assault frigate and one Tapani-class carrier though it had orders in for another seven frigates currently under construction in the Tallaani Shipyards. House Cadriaan also possessed a huge fleet of patrol lighters including GAT-12 Skipray Blastboats and starfighters (mostly Manta-class assault starfighters), having invested a lot of its capital into upgrading and expanding its defense forces to keep the spacelanes clear of pirates and smugglers and protect itself from the other houses and the Galactic Empire.

Politics[edit | edit source]

House Cadriaan was more open and mercantile then the other houses and found spying and underhanded tactics distasteful, only resorting to them when absolutely necessary. It was allied with its close friend and mentor House Pelagia as well as the Freeworld Aleron. During the Rebellion era, Cadriaan was opposed by the Mecetti-Reena-Calipsa coalition because of its support of House Pelagia.

During this time House Cadriaan was also secretly allied with the Expanse mining companies in their effort to split the Freeworlds into a new sector. Cadriaan hoped to gain control of Aleron this way and be in the enviable position of being the only house in the Tapani sector with access to the Shapani Bypass.

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