House Melantha was coalition of noble families that ruled the Melantha Province, which was located in the Tapani sector. The most famous member of the house was Shey Tapani, who united the Tapani Sector, and House Melantha ruled the sector for 16 generations. By the time of the New Order, House Melantha had declined, though it was still a force in Tapani politics, considered second after House Mecetti. However, under the leadership of High Lord Bal Jaset, a former advisor of Emperor Palpatine, House Melantha was closely allied with the Empire, and was believed to be poising to take control of the Sector in the event of an Imperial occupation. It was rumored that Melantha provided several Dark Jedi, further drawing them into Palpatine's favor. The Covert Activities Cadre was formed to secretly advance the goals of the house.


House Melantha was an ancient greater house but since the time of Shey Tapani's Empire it had only ruled the sector a handful of times. Nonetheless, the nobles of House Melantha hungered for the chance to restore the glory of bygone eras and with the rise of the Empire they saw this opportunity.

House Melantha began to forge close ties with the Imperial Court. During this time, several dozen moffs and governors hailed from Melantha, and hundreds of lesser officials served as bureau chiefs, ministers, navy captains and the like.


House Melantha had a secure financial foundation, both within and without the sector. it held considerable investments in foreign megacorps and funneled those credits back into the sector. It owned many sector-based businesses and had diversified its holdings to ensure its survival should its domestic assets be seized or destroyed. During the time of the Empire, Melantha held several prized Imperial shipping contracts.

Melantha also maintained an operating HoloNet transceiver that allowed them to stay several days ahead of the rest of the sector in terms of tracking events on Coruscant and other worlds.


House Melantha was allied with House Barnaba. Originally an alliance of convenience, as Melantha didn't care for House Barnabas obsession with style, parties and appearances, over time the alliance grew and the two houses became close allies.

House Defense Forces (0 BBY to 3.5 ABY)Edit

During the Rebellion era House Melantha maintained an impressive fleet of eleven capital ships, including two Victory II-class Star Destroyers and five Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers. These ships were kept in prime shape and the crews were constantly drilled. Melantha also possessed several wings of snub fighters complete with well-trained and disciplined pilots.

Notable MembersEdit



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