"In accordance with Paramexor guild law and established precedent, you will now have the opportunity to mete [sic.] out your own brand of satisfaction."
―Moff Gorliz submits Prefect Adar to Paramexor justice[src]

House Paramexor, Paramexor Guild of Hunters or Paramexor hunting guild was one of the main houses forming the Bounty Hunters' Guild during the Galactic Civil War. Guildmaster Janq Paramexor insisted that bounty hunters working for him would only track bounties on the heads of murderers, and that they would never deliver a living prisoner. Paramexor obtained the loyalty of its members by providing them with a number of luxuries. The House also had a personal model of armorer droid, the House Paramexor Squire Armorer Droid.

During the Galactic Civil War, House Paramexor kept the number of active hunters below one thousand to provide them with personal attention. Some of these hunters were Kal-tan-shi, Reson Nath and Sabran.


House Paramexor,[2] also known as Paramexor Guild of Hunters[2][4] and Paramexor hunting guild,[3] was a private company that served both as a training ground for bounty hunter wannabees and as a representative of these, matching member hunters with prospective bounties that they would track.[2] House Paramexor was one of the ten main houses forming the Bounty Hunters' Guild.[6][7]

As requested by the chief executive officer of the House, Guildmaster Janq Paramexor,[2] hunters in his House were specialized in bounties involving murder or attempted murder[2][7]—a move that some in his job saw as a waste of skill, and others as a way to find determined professionals.[2] The bounty hunters were not only specialized in hunting murderers, but also in delivering dead captures:[3] Never in the history of Paramexor a living prisoner was delivered.[2]

A hunter working for House Paramexor had to pay a fee of 300 annual credits, plus a 3% of the monetary value of any collected bounty. Besides, a prospective hunter had to be sponsored by three members to join the House. The main headquarters of the House was on the planet Denevar, and hunters of Paramexor commonly traveled through the Core Worlds and nearby areas. While Paramexor did not have permanent officers in other areas, sometimes their hunters did travel there tracking a fugitive,[2] sometimes crossing frontiers in a way that police forces could not.[6]

House Paramexor had developed its own armorer droid, the House Paramexor Squire Armorer Droid, designed to repair and customize a hunter's gear, give information on weaponry a hunter might find and, if needed, serve as sentry to protect the hunter's mobile headquarters. This hovering five-feet humanoid robot was not available for sale anywhere in the galaxy.[8]

Denevar served as the seat of justice guild of the House. Under the orange-and-green banner of House Paramexor, accused hunters had to face a five-member jury formed by Guildmaster Janq Paramexor, his consort Kaith, a representative of the Galactic Empire and two random-chosen members. Any injured party, including non-members, could claim satisfaction by defying the hunter. If verdict said so, this could lead to a duel where injured party and hunters would use short swords. Retiring the charges once a verdict had been achieved was also punible.[4]


Janq Paramexor, a military officer physically handicapped in a duel, developed during his recovery a deep love for life, and an equally deep hate towards those who unfairly end another's life. With the help of similarly-minded sponsors, Paramexor founded his own bounty hunter guild, devoted to chase those who killed for either profit or enjoyment. Being restricted to a mobile life support unit, Janq Paramexor could not hunt bounties himself.[1]

During the Galactic Civil War, House Paramexor included 623 active bounty hunters and 1,740 support personnel. Wanting to provide personalized attention, Paramexor decided to keep the total number of hunters under one thousand, and insisted to give them all the luxuries he could afford. He thus obtained a great loyalty among his employees, who would be glad to fight to death for him. Paramexor refused to expand his activities to other specializations beyond tracking murderers.[2]

In 1 ABY, House Paramexor had become one of the ten main houses of the Bounty Hunter's Guild, with it's trademark being well-known. As the Galactic Empire was showing a sudden interest in criminal organizations, Scay Danson of the Imperial Security Bureau wrote a report on the Bounty Hunters' Guild, including House Paramexor.[6] During the remaining years of the Galactic Civil War, the influence of House Paramexor steadily grew.[2]

Notable membersEdit

Several members of House Paramexor had personal deals with Janq Paramexor himself. The Tiss'shar hunter Kal-tan-shi was both a member of House Paramexor and a personal friend to Janq Paramexor—even if Janq Paramexor disapproved Kal-tan-shi's personal enmity with a non-member hunter, Ssach'thirix. Kal-tan-shi owned a Ghtroc Class 720 freighter, the Accuser that House Paramexor was customizing and modifying. Having had a successful career in the House, Kal-tan-shi left the Guild and turned to work on his own; he took his starship with him even if the modifications had not been completed. After leaving Paramexor, Kal-tan-shi kept his friendship with the Guildmaster and they dined out together at times.[3]

The female Reson Nath, member of the House and known as a contemptuous individual, paid an infochant who then left the planet to the chagrin of Imperial Prefect Adar. Adar formally accused Nath of willingly helping a fugitive, hoping to make her face Imperial law. However, Adar's superior Moff Gorliz resorted to Paramexor guild law. While Nath claimed to be innocent, Adar overloaded Gorliz's patience during the trial. Gorliz and Janq Paramexor agreed to make Adar duel Nath, knowing that Adar was a worse fencer.[4]

At some point, Janq Paramexor discovered that a navy officer with a gift for languages had been unfairly blamed and sent to an Imperial slave camp. Paramexor expensively arranged the officer's escape, knowing that her skill would be useful for the House. The officer was sent to Paramexor's hunting preserve, where she was given a new identity, a new life and training. From that point on known as Sabran, the former officer became a faithful member of the House.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

House Paramexor was first mentioned in Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters (1994), which included the short story Guild Justice. While this story mentions Janq Paramexor's consort Kaith as a member of the Paramexor jury, it fails to specify whether she was a member of the House or not.



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