House Picutorion, also known as House Anturi or the Outsider House, was an aristocratic house from the Senex sector.


House Anturi was formed in around 1000 BBY, from a family of settlers who had accompanied Thull Vandron to settle the Senex sector. The Anturi became based on the planet Anturus and were considered the weakest Senex house.[1]

In 553 BBY, the warlord Osted Picutorion married Farasa Anturi, a deranged House Anturi princess, and renamed the House "House Picutorion", after himself. Picutorion and his House then defeated the combined forces of the rival Senex houses House Vandron and House Petro, freed the Hutlarians from servitude to the Senex lords and occupied the planet Karfeddion, in what was known as the Crimson Days. The conflict was ended by the Third Nantama Synod, which accepted Picutorion's marriage. However, even afterwards, the members of the other Senex houses continued to refer to House Picutorion by its old name, while speaking in private.[1]

By 12 ABY, the house was led by Lord Vensell Picutorion and in that year it allied with the former Emperor's Hand Roganda Ismaren.[2]



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