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House Reena was one of the noble houses of the Tapani sector. It ruled Reena Province. While one of the lesser houses, the planets of the Reena Province were known to be rich in ores, and House Reena was a force to be reckoned with. Members of House Reena were known to be polite and well educated. House Reena had an established university system that they hoped would one day rival the Mrlsst Trade and Science Academy.


Throughout the history of the Tapani sector Reena has always been one of the lesser houses. The mining industry in its territory has provided Reena with a steady source of income but it has never been particularly interested in spending its wealth on the areas needed to great house status such as extensive spynets and large military fleet[1].

Reena ProvinceEdit

During the Imperial Era the area of space controlled by House Reena included the systems of Reena, Canti, Caloria, Tanger, Tillo system and Tavitz. The province is isolated from the rest of the Tapani sector by the territory of the great House Mecetti that has made it impossible for Reena to expand its holdings within the sector.[1]


Reena on Nyriaan

A House Reena reception on Nyriaan

During the days prior to the establishment of the Galactic Empire Reena was the first of the noble houses to capitalize on the discovery of the valuable metal Madilon on the planet Nyriaan in the Luire system. Reena had an established and profitable mining operation in its home system and it also boasted at least one madilon mining concern. House Reena mining on Nyriaan quickly became on of the fastest growing and most profitable of the non-corporate operations on the planet. House Mecetti also staked a claim on Nyriaan although, more so than Reena, was only interested with what it could gain from exploiting the world and was not as profitable as the Reena operation. When the Confederacy of Independent Systems invaded the Luire system during the Clone Wars both Reena and Mecetti abstained from taking sides in the conflict[2].

House Reena maintained a secret, there is a safe hyperspace route which runs from Canti out of the sector. That the hyper-route exists at all is a closely guarded secret known only to those at the highest levels of house government, who rightly fear that Mecetti would instantly move to annex it to secure the route. So Reena will rather continue to pay the Freeworlds tariffs for its exports than allow its domestic companies to ship their goods out of the sector, even though the route could be worth trillions of credits.[1]

Military (0 BBY to 3.5 ABY)Edit

During the period between 0 BBY and 3.5 ABY the Reena navy consisted of the following capital ships. House Reena traditionally felt a need to place its financial resources into education rather than its military however High Lord Panes planned a gradual build-up of its military strength in order to keep his options open.[1]

  • 3 Marauder-class frigates.[1]
  • 20 light vessels primarily limited to planetary patrols.[1]


During the Imperial era House Reena was allied with Mecetti and Calipsa in a coalition that held power in the Tapani Great Council. It was allied with these houses mainly because its was reliant on their goodwill for its imports and exports.[1]

Notable MembersEdit


Notes and referencesEdit

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