"The Bounty Hunter's Guild has existed as a minor entity for thousands of years, doing steady business in a dangerous galaxy. The Guild consists of 10 major houses: the pre-eminent House Salaktori, the females-only House Renliss, House Benelex, newcomers House Neuvalis, House Paramexor, House Tresario, the Mantis Syndicate, the Ragnar Syndicate, Skine Bounty Hunter College and the Slaver Syndicate."
―Commander Scay Danson, ISB[src]

House Renliss, or House Renliss Bounty Hunters Guild, was a chapter of the Bounty Hunters' Guild specialized in hunting male fugitives. All the members of House Renliss were female bounty hunters, known as "huntresses", personally selected by the founders and CEO's Jalindas and Gratina Renliss. One of these women was Janildakara, a young Human poisoner and former slave. House Renliss provided its members with greater personal attention than other chapters of the Guild, and centered its activities in the coreward area of the galaxy.

The founders of the House were survivors of an Imperial undercover team. Having been left for dead, they reached a safe place thanks to a female bounty hunter. They deserted from Imperial Intelligence, forged new identities for themselves and founded House Renliss on 6 BBY. Intelligence directors discovered the truth but, instead of prosecuting them, decided to use the services of House Renliss on a regular basis. Thanks to this, the influence of House Renliss grew quickly, threatening the monopoly of the other Houses. Several rumors related to the House had appeared as of 1 ABY.

Organization[edit | edit source]

The House Renliss Bounty Hunters Guild,[1] commonly known only as House Renliss,[3][2][4] was a private corporation that worked in the business of bounty hunting. It offered specialized training to member bounty hunters, as well as soliciting bounties for them to track.[1] House Renliss was one of the ten major members in the Bounty Hunters' Guild.[2][4]

Having a policy based on sexes, House Renliss accepted only female bounty hunters as members[1][2][4] that had to be personally selected by the founders and CEO's of the House, Jalindas and her sister Gratina Renliss. The Renliss sisters required that members of the House be referred to as "huntresses", as this would help differentiating them from male bounty hunters. Renliss huntresses had to pay a 5% of any collected bounty to the House, as well as a fixed periodic fee that the House CEO's personally agree with each individual huntress—unlike what happened in other Houses, in which the annual fee was a fixed amount.[1]

House Renliss also specialized in only one kind of prey: They only tracked bounties posted on male individuals.[1][4] From their main headquarters on the planet Dartessex IV, Renliss huntresses were particularly active tracking males in the Galactic Core, Core Worlds, Colonies, Inner Rim Territories, Hutt Space, and the Corporate Sector, as well as select outer territories including the Deadalis, Mondress and Trestis sectors in the Outer Expansion Zone and the Albanin and Juris sectors in the Outer Rim Territories.[1]

During the peak of the Galactic Civil War, House Renliss was formed of 244 huntress plus 1,249 people that served as administrative and support staff. The huntress claimed to receive a high level of personalized attention and training, beyond the usual amount that other Guild houses gave to their members.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Several years before 6 BBY, an Imperial deep-cover security team was discovered by Rebel operatives. Two sisters in the security team were injured in the ensuing firefight and the other members, most of them males, left them behind, mistakenly believing them to be dead. The sisters barely survived a several-month search. Eventually, they found a female bounty hunter, member of one of the Guilds, who had just finished an assignment. Although they lacked a common background with the hunter, the sisters worked with her to reach a safe facility. During that time, both the sisters suffered severe emotional damage, and one of them was physically scarred on her face, losing the right eye. The sister chose to not return to their bosses in Imperial Intelligence, instead disappearing in the criminal underground for several years.[5]

They reappeared in 6 BBY, having new identities, and commanding a proficient, albeit not numerous, team of female bounty hunters experts in chasing male prey. They officially founded House Renliss, with the cyborg Jalindas Renliss being the brains of the team and[5] her sister Gratina Renliss, who felt the desire of controlling other people, being the primary force in the formation of the group.[6] From its very inception, House Renliss was specialized in hunting males and accepted only females, with the Renliss sisters never revealing their motivation to choose such a policy. It would soon became a valuable trademark for their chapter.[1]

Through the following years, Imperial Intelligence discovered the real identities of the Renliss sisters. The Empire could execute them for their crimes, but they instead decided to hire the services of House Renliss as long as the huntresses remained useful. A number of high-ranking Intelligence directors asked Renliss huntresses to murder members of their own Intelligence organizations for a number of reasons.[5] The constant business between Imperial Intelligence and House Renliss through the following years enlarged the still peripheral influence of the Guild[1] and provided Renliss with most of its assignments as of 1 ABY.[7]

Soon fter the Battle of Yavin, the Galactic Empire showed an interest in criminal organizations. The Imperial Security Bureau asked Commander Scay Danson to write a report on the Bounty Hunter's Guild. Danson noticed that House Renliss was made up exclusively of females.[2]

By that point, a number of rumors on House Renliss were heard. Some people suggested that one or both of the Renliss sisters could have worked for Imperial Intelligence before they founded the House.[1] It was believed that wives of rich Imperial statesbeings hired Renliss huntress to murder their own husbands.[1][7] Many individual bounty hunters considered that such a House was an abomination to their occupation.[1] On the other hand, older and more established Houses considered that Renliss could soon become a threat to their business model.[7]

Notable members[edit | edit source]

House Renliss was composed entirely of female bounty hunters, or huntresses, all of them under the command of Jalindas and Gratina Renliss.[1] One of these huntresses was the young Human Janildakara, a former slave to the Zygerrians who joined House Renliss thinking they would help her finding her family. Having a gift for imaginative toxins, she favored the use of throwing knives with poisoned blades. House Renliss manipulated Janildakara's hatred, resent and emotional fraility to make her a mere tool for the House to use.[8]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

House Renliss was first mentioned in Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters (1994), a roleplaying guide written by Rick D. Stuart.

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