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"Well look at you and your pampered life. Your servants, your feasts, your palace. It must have been so easy for you to turn your back on the Jedi Order."
"Yes, I live a privileged existence now. But like you, Vos, I too was taken from my home as an infant and raised in the Jedi Temple. It was only later in life that I discovered my true heritage—a legacy of power and pedigree that was far too intimidating for the Council to accept."
Quinlan Vos and Count Dooku[src]

House Serenno was the ruling family of the planet Serenno, which was named after them. The other noble houses were under the authority of House Serenno's head, the Count of Serenno.[2] After leaving the Jedi Order, Dooku took up his legacy,[6] and became Count of Serenno.[2] The house's sigil was etched into a stained glass window at the far end of the Great Hall in Castle Serenno.[2]

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