House Teraan was one of the Great Houses of Alderaan that existed by the time of the Cold War. At some point in the past, numerous credits were owed to the family with records of these being stored in a droid. The method through which the droid was capable of being opened was contained within the family's estate on Alderaan. However, House Teraan was devastated during a fight with House Baliss, leading to them relocating to safety with House Organa. Their ancestral estate was taken over by House Baliss during this time.

In the Cold War era, an unidentified smuggler was hired with the help of Risha Drayen to return their lost droid. Once recovered, Cedonia Teraan and her brother Lenn Teraan tasked the smuggler with infiltrating their former estate. This was in order to recover data from their homes library on how to unlock the antique droid that held the key to restoring their family. Once unlocked, the droid revealed that numerous other families owed House Teraan credits and Cedonnia departed to meet with the Royal Council in order to verify the data.


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