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"Remember Finis Valorum well, I do. Last of a great line, he was."

House Valorum was an ancient and distinguished family who originated from the Core Worlds. They had a long and distinguished political pedigree spanning thousands of years. By the time of the Battle of Naboo, they were one of the (if not the) longest-lasting political families of the Old Republic, having been established for thirty generations. The Valorums were known for two things besides their family's age: their patronage of the arts and their affinity for following bureaucratic rules and procedures to the letter.

The Valorum family also owned a very profitable starship-production company on Eriadu and at the time of the Battle of Naboo, several of Finis Valorum's cousins lived on that planet, owning mansions larger than those owned by the planet's rulers. The Eriadu Valorums were rivals of the Tarkin family.

At least four of its members served as Supreme Chancellor of the Old Republic, including Tarsus Valorum c. 1000 BBY, Eixes Valorum and lastly, Finis Valorum, as the last Chancellor before the rise of Palpatine. Several decades before the Invasion of Naboo, Finis' father was the one who was chiefly responsible for granting the Trade Federation its free-trade status; which led the Valorum family into gaining even more money and land holdings through the deal.



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