House Vandron was considered to be the first among equals of the Ancient Houses that ruled the Senex sector. It was the oldest and most noble of the Houses, and named for the founder of the Senex-Juvex, Thull Vandron.[1] Its homeworld was Karfeddion, and shared the planet Asmeru with House Elegin. As of 33 BBY, it was ruled by Lord Crueya Vandron and his wife Lady Theala. Under the Empire, Crueya Vandron became the founder of COMPNOR; but his daughter, also called Theala Vandron, had succeeded to the title by 12 ABY.

House Vandron owned a sizable naval fleet, containing Tikiar fighters and Dreadnaught cruisers. House Vandron sustained itself by selling its agricultural produce, breeding and selling the Human and Ossan slaves that worked said agriculture, and using its fleet for extortion and piracy.

A member of House Vandron was at one point about to engage in a marriage with Tia Organa, but the proposed alliance was broken off following a scandal. In 12 ABY, they were key backers of Roganda Ismaren's attempt to set her son Irek up as Emperor.

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