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The House of Organa,[22] also known as the Royal Family of Alderaan,[23] the Royal House of Alderaan,[24] or simply House Organa,[25] was the noble house that ruled over the peaceful planet of Alderaan before it was destroyed by the Galactic Empire. Senator Bail Organa,[3] his wife Queen Breha Organa[1] and their adopted daughter Princess Leia Organa were all part of the Royal Family.[3] The Organas owned a ranch where they grew emerald grapes, the juice of which was turned into high quality emerald wine.[22]

At least certain vessels affiliated with the royal family had their name preceded by the ship prefix RHA, standing for "Royal House of Alderaan."[26]

Family treeEdit

(see Skywalker family)[1]
Bail Organa[3]
Breha Organa[1]
Leia Organa
(adopted by House of Organa)[1]
Han Solo[6]
(see Solo family)[5]


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