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"My wife and I will take the girl. We've always talked of adopting a baby girl. She will be loved with us."
―Bail Organa[2]

The House of Organa, also known as the Royal Family of Alderaan, the Royal House of Alderaan, or simply House Organa or the Organa family, was the immediate family of the Alderaanian monarch. During the era of the Galactic Republic, Queen Breha Organa ruled the Core World Alderaan by hereditary right while her consort, Senator Bail Prestor Organa, represented their homeworld in the Galactic Senate. Having no natural children of their own, they became the adoptive parents of Princess Leia Organa shortly after the Clone Wars. Leia, who was raised by her adopted family to embody the values of Alderaan, devoted her life to the restoration of democracy and therefore opposed the rule of fascism.

During the Imperial Era, the Organas worked in secret to create the Alliance to Restore the Republic while feigning loyalty to the Galactic Empire. With the DS-1 Death Star Mobile Battle Station operational, however, the destructive firepower of its superlaser was unleashed on Alderaan, completely destroying the planet along with billions of Alderaanians and the monarchy. Leia was the sole survivor of the royal family, the Empire having held her as a prisoner on board the battle station at the time of The Disaster.

The end of the Galactic Civil War coincided with the birth of Ben Solo, the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia. Under the laws that governed the Elder Houses, Leia and Ben were both entitled to the hereditary rights of House Organa, including the governorship of Birren. After the destruction of the Jedi Order, mother and son fought against each other during the Cold War between the New Republic and the First Order. Ben, whose strength with the Force came from Leia's natural father, the Sith Lord Darth Vader, became a First Order warlord under the name of Kylo Ren.

Although Leia created the Resistance to oppose the regime that her son served, she refused to believe that Ben was lost to the dark side of the Force. In the aftermath of the Hosnian Cataclysm, Leia implored her husband Han to bring their son home, believing that Ben's father could reach him in a way that his uncle, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, could not. The death of Han—killed by his own son during the Battle of Starkiller Base—all but convinced Leia that Ben was truly lost to her. Ren subsequently became Supreme Leader of the First Order and led its forces in a campaign to conquer the galaxy.

The conflict between Ren and his mother came to a head when Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith who died during the Battle of Endor, announced his return, unveiling the untapped military assets of Exegol. Ren accepted the mandate to restore the Sith and become the new Galactic Emperor, but Sidious' plans for Ren never came to fruition. Leia took over Skywalker's role as a mentor to Rey, a scavenger who sought to become a Jedi. During the last last duel between Ren and Rey, Leia made one last effort to reach her son before she died, calling out to him through the Force. Her sacrifice worked in conjunction with Ben's memory of his father, compelling him to renounce the dark side and take up his mother's fight.

In the end, Ben helped to prevent Sidious from achieving his goal to create a new Sith Empire. After the Resistance and their allies won the Battle of Exegol, Ben sacrificed his life to resurrect Rey. The deaths of Leia and Ben ended not only the Skywalker bloodline, but the House of Organa as well.


Peace and war[]

"We cannot let a thousand years of democracy disappear without a fight."
―Bail Organa[2]

Queen Breha Organa ruled Alderaan while her husband, Senator Bail Organa, served in the Galactic Senate of the Republic.

The House of Organa[21] was the royal house of Alderaan,[22] an influential planet located in the Core Worlds.[23] As one of the galaxy's royal families, collectively known as the Elder Houses, the rule of Alderaan was a hereditary right that passed from one generation to the next.[5] During the last years of the Galactic Republic, Breha Organa reigned as Queen of the Alderaanians.[1] Her consort, the idealistic[9] Viceroy[24] Bail Prestor Organa,[25] represented their homeworld in the Galactic Senate as the Senator of Alderaan.[9] During his political career, Bail served as head of the committee for transportation of construction materials, and through his work transporting materials to the Mid Rim, he became acquainted with fellow senators Mon Mothma of Chandrila, Onaconda Farr of Rodia, and Padmé Amidala of Naboo.[6]

The House of Organa had an extended family consisting of fellow statesmen and nobles. Bail Antilles was a relative of Queen Breha and once represented Alderaan as its senator[26] at the time of the Naboo Crisis.[27] Lord Mellowyn, the governor of Birren, was a distant kinsman to Bail Organa and was, therefore, related to the Royal Family of Alderaan through marriage.[5] Breha, who lived in the Royal Palace of Aldera, the capital city of Alderaan, was heir apparent to the throne during the Republic Era.[28]

Introduced to Alderaanian pacifist ideals by her mother, Breha cherished peace and from a young age she became involved in politics. At one point prior to her reign, she assisted the previous queen in negotiating a treaty.[29] As part of Alderaanian tradition, Breha had to participate in the Day of Demand ceremony before she could claim her right to the throne. In the process she sustained injuries to her heart and lungs, which had to be replaced by pulmonodes. Though she survived her ordeal, Breha chose to consider adoption instead of attempting to conceive a child with her husband.[28]

The Senator of Alderaan remained loyal to the Galactic Republic during the Separatist Crisis and the Clone Wars.

Alderaan maintained its reputation as a peaceful world throughout Queen Breha's reign,[30] while Bail earned respect on the galactic capital of Coruscant for his honesty and commitment to justice. An idealist at heart, he served on the Loyalist Committee[9] during the administration of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine in hopes of finding a diplomatic solution to the Separatist Crisis.[31] He retained his loyalist principles throughout the Clone Wars and, driven by his humanitarian instincts, supported the Republic by aiding relief efforts and helping refugees. Chancellor Palpatine's accumulation of wartime powers, however, conflicted with Bail's politics. While Bail represented their interests on Coruscant,[9] Breha remained on Alderaan where the queen took on additional responsibilities as Minister of Education.[32]

During the early days of the conflict, Bail led a relief mission on Christophsis to help the native population while their planet was besieged by Separatist forces.[33] In addition to his relief efforts, Bail represented the Republic Senate in diplomacy and trade. At the request of the Jedi High Council, he assisted the Gungan representative Jar Jar Binks in negotiating an agreement with the Toydarians, allowing the Republic to secure its supply lines in the region and provide aid to the Twi'leks of Ryloth.[34] Bail also worked alongside his political ally, Senator Amidala, to better help the displaced citizens of the Clone Wars. On one occasion, Bail and Amidala hosted the Alderaan Refugee Conference on the former's homeworld.[35]

Bail also remained involved in political issues on Coruscant, and asked Amidala to accompany him to the meeting about the Enhanced Privacy Invasion Bill. However, they were taken hostage by the bounty hunter Cad Bane, who threatened the lives of Bail, Amidala, and their colleagues in order to coerce Chancellor Palpatine into releasing Ziro Desilijic Tiure from prison.[36]

Leia Organa was adopted by Bail and Breha after the Galactic Empire rose to power.

In the waning days of the war,[2] Bail joined the Delegation of 2,000 in drafting a petition that called on the chancellor to relinquish his emergency powers and end the conflict with the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[10] Instead of a restoration of democracy, Bail was horrified to witness Palpatine's declaration of the Galactic Empire, and began fomenting a rebellion against the Emperor.[9] By then, the newborn Princess Leia Organa became the newest addition to the royal family. Having discussed adoption in lieu of a natural heir to the throne,[2] Bail and Breha adopted Leia and raised her as their own child.[9] Knowing that Leia's biological parents were the late Amidala and the fallen Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, Bail kept his daughter's origins secret in order to protect her from the Sith.[2]

The road to rebellion[]

"General Kenobi: Years ago, you served my father in the Clone Wars; now he begs you to help him in his struggle against the Empire. I regret that I am unable to present my father's request to you in person; but my ship has fallen under attack and I'm afraid my mission to Alderaan has failed. I've placed information vital to the survival of the rebellion into the memory systems of this R2 unit. My father will know how to retrieve it. You must see this droid safely delivered to him on Alderaan. This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope."
―Leia Organa — (audio) Listen (file info)[30]

Committed to the ideals of the Republic, Bail secretly worked to undermine the Galactic Empire.

Breha's reign continued for almost two decades during the Imperial Era. She mentored students personally on Alderaan, including the X-wing starfighter pilot Evaan Verlaine.[1] As a protégé of the queen, Verlaine learned much about the culture and heritage of her homeworld. Having developed a great deal of respect for the House of Organa, Verlaine was a committed royalist and a supporter of the cause of liberty.[24] Under Breha's rule, Alderaan was one of the earliest supporters of rebellion against the Empire, although the planetary government was cautious about openly defying the Emperor.[23]

Though outwardly loyal to the New Order, Bail continued to support the cause of freedom and secretly led a resistance movement against the Empire.[12] As the Empire consolidated its reign over the galaxy, Bail's operation expanded to include other resistance cells,[9] including Hera Syndulla's Spectres.[37] It was through Bail that the Spectres discovered the existence of a wider rebellion consisting of numerous smaller cells dispersed across the galaxy.[38]

Before Leia was even involved in her adoptive parents' rebellious activities, she was groomed as heir apparent to the throne of Alderaan.[28] As a child, she had learned about the history of Amidala as told to her by Breha, although she remained unaware of her biological connection to the late senator of Naboo.[39] As with Breha, Leia was required to undergo the Day of Demand ceremony before she could be considered worthy of the throne. The ceremony was divided into three challenges: the body, the mind, and the heart. As such, Leia would have to climb the Appenza Peak, represent Alderaan in the Apprentice Legislature, and undertake charity missions to impoverished worlds.[28]

Princess Leia was raised by her adoptive parents to become the next Queen of Alderaan.

Leia, having sensed a distance grow between herself and her parents, aspired to win their approval by achieving something truly great. Requesting to use the Alderaanian diplomatic cruiser Tantive IV on her first relief mission, Leia traveled to Wobani which had been economically ruined by the Commodities Enhancement Program. Appalled by the sight of so many people stricken by poverty and starvation, Leia brought a hundred refugees to Alderaan. While Breha welcomed the displaced civilians to her world, she reprimanded Leia and confined her to the palace, displeased that her daughter undertook a dangerous mission without informing her parents. Though sympathetic to the plight of others, Breha felt Alderaan could not afford to be associated with actions considered dissident by the Empire.[28]

Unknown to Leia, her father and his allies in the Senate had been conducting secret negotiations to facilitate the resettlement of the people of Wobani. Their plans were destroyed, however, due to Leia's interference. Breha hoped that Leia would learn from the experience and choose her missions with more wisdom in the future. Shortly afterward, Leia attended her first pathfinding class where she met Amilyn Holdo of Gatalenta and a fellow Alderaanian named Kier Domadi, who observed that Leia held herself to a higher standard than others because of her royal status.[28]

Bail and Mon Mothma were among the founding members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

As his daughter continued to grow, Bail made Leia his aide and entrusted her with missions to help the growing rebellion. At one point, Leia was sent by her father to Lothal where she helped the Spectres procure three Sphyrna-class Hammerhead corvettes.[40] With the rebels becoming more organized, Bail and Senator Mothma officially created the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Leia, having been groomed for leadership, succeeded her father both in the Imperial Senate and the Alliance.[9] Jan Dodonna, a general in the Alliance, was considered a close friend by both Breha and Bail.[24]

Despite his retirement in favor of Leia's advancement, Bail was still involved with the Alliance and its growing conflict with the Empire. By now, Bail had lost all faith in the Imperial Senate, viewing the body as little more than a façade hiding the dictatorship of Emperor Palpatine. However, Mothma felt that a diplomatic solution was still preferable to open war while the semblance of a Senate remained intact.[41] A member of Alliance High Command, Bail was among the Rebel leaders whom Jyn Erso informed about the existence of the DS-1 Death Star Mobile Battle Station and its power to kill a planet. With open war imminent, Bail returned to his homeworld[42] and dispatched his daughter to recruit the services of an old ally from the Clone Wars, the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.[30]

The Galactic Empire destroyed Alderaan, killing billions of people and the Royal Family.

In the end, neither Bail or Breha lived to see the Alliance's victory over the Empire.[9] Shortly before the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY,[8] Imperial forces intercepted the Tantive IV and Leia was taken prisoner by the Sith Lord Darth Vader, who suspected that the princess had been involved in the theft of the Death Star plans. While Vader had Leia in his custody, the plans continued to elude him as the princess hid them within her personal astromech droid R2-D2. Seeking to make an example of Alderaan's defiance to the rest of the galaxy, the battle station's commanding officer, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, decided to test the superlaser's full power on Leia's homeworld, incinerating the entire planet along with billions of Alderaanians[30] and the Royal Family.[9]


"Let us take a moment to honor the lost souls of Alderaan. To honor Viceroy Bail Organa and Queen Breha Organa. May they forever be remembered."
―Leia Organa[24]

The House of Organa survived through Princess Leia and her son, Ben Solo.

Despite the deaths of Queen Breha[24] and her husband[9] and billions of their people during the Disaster,[30] the cause of freedom that they championed endured through their adopted daughter, who kept her parents' memory alive which, in turn, served as propaganda and galvanized support for the Rebellion.[43]

After the Galactic Civil War, Leia resumed her political career under the New Republic, hoping to lead the galaxy into a new era of liberty after decades of Imperial rule. Over the years, her personal life conflicted with her responsibilities as a public official, however. Leia had married the Corellian smuggler Han Solo and gave birth to a son, Ben Solo.[5] As an Alderaanian princess' son, Ben would have inherited the title of Prince of Alderaan had his mother's adopted homeworld and its ruling family not been annihilated before his birth.[44] However, the professional lives of Leia and Han led them down separate paths, thereby neglecting Ben,[45] who developed feelings of solitude and abandonment.[46] As a leading member of the New Republic Senate, Leia continued to honor the memory of her adoptive parents, their homeworld and its people via speeches and events to ensure that Alderaan's destruction would never be forgotten. Through their daughter's efforts, Bail and Breha were remembered as martyrs who gave their lives to the cause of freedom after a lifetime of promoting peace and charity.[5]

Queen Breha and Bail Organa were remembered as martyrs of the Rebellion.

Despite the natural bloodline of House Organa ending with Bail and Breha, the Elder Houses recognized the hereditary rights of Leia as well as her son Ben. In 28 ABY, Lord Mellowyn died without an heir to his role as the figurehead Supreme Governor of Birren. As the late governor's closest living relatives, albeit through adoption, Leia and Ben were next in the line of succession. Neither Leia nor her son was in a position to accept the office, however. At the time, Leia was still a senator while Ben trained with the resurgent Jedi Order under his uncle and mentor, Luke Skywalker. As a result, Lady Carise Sindian claimed the ceremonial governorship by default.[5]

Ultimately, Leia's political career was effectively destroyed by the revelation of her true family. Before his death, Bail left behind a secret recording that revealed the identities of Leia's real mother and father—that of the late Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo and her secret husband, the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. Furthermore, Bail confessed that Anakin had, in fact, fallen to the dark side of the Force, becoming the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Lady Carise found Bail's message and passed it to her colleague, Ransolm Casterfo, who displayed to the entire Galactic Senate. Leia's connection to[5] the most hated man in the galaxy[46] shattered her reputation in the Senate and caused irreparable damage to her campaign to become First Senator.[5]

The family fractures[]

"I knew his grandfather. And his mother. Is he…is he like her?"
"He is. He'd deny it. But he's very much like her."
―Bylsma and Armitage Hux, referring to Ben Solo[47]

As the son of Princess Leia, Ben Solo was entitled to the hereditary rights of House Organa.

Despite his potential as the archetype of a new generation of Jedi, Ben Solo was seduced by the dark side of the Force like his grandfather before him.[46] Embracing the teachings of Supreme Leader Snoke, he adopted the persona of Kylo Ren, thereby severing all ties to the Jedi and his family.[48] Though a servant of the dark side, the so-called master of the Knights of Ren struggled to resist the pull to the light side of the Force. Ren's efforts to reinvent himself extended to the use of a combat helmet that was reminiscent of the mask worn by Vader, but beneath the helmet's theatrics the young warrior was still Ben Solo, the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa.[49] Ben's fall to the dark side tore his family apart, as Han Solo and Leia went their separate ways to cope with their grief.[19]

During the rise of the First Order, General Armitage Hux used Ren's heritage to gain the trust of Bylsma while stranded on an unknown planet. Having served the royal family as a palace guard prior to the destruction of Alderaan, Bylsma knew Ben's mother and adoptive grandfather, and wondered if he was anything like Leia. Hux admitted that Ben did, in fact, have much in common with his mother, even if he would have denied it. The resemblance between Leia and Ben confirmed the latter's royal lineage, and the Alderaanian soldier helped Hux to contact his allies in the First Order.[47]

End of the royal line[]

"Goodbye, dear Princess."
―Maz Kanata, upon the death of Leia Organa[46]

Leia's reunion with her husband was short-lived, as Han Solo would die at the hands of their fallen son.

The hunt for Leia's brother, Skywalker, brought Leia and Han Solo back together after years of separation. In their time apart, Leia had founded the Resistance in hopes of keeping the First Order in check, while Han returned to a life of smuggling which he considered to be the only profession he was ever truly good at. After the Hosnian Cataclysm, Leia and her forces engaged the First Order on Takodana, where Han informed the general that he had seen their son during the battle. Contrary to Han's belief that his presence reminded Leia of Ben, Leia never wanted to forget about him. She wanted their son back. She agreed with Han that Ben was too much like his grandfather, Darth Vader, which was why Leia wanted him to learn the Jedi ways from Skywalker. She regretted sending Ben away, however, believing it was a mistake that caused her to lose him as well as her husband.[19]

Though Han believed that Ben was lost, Leia refused to give up on him and insisted that together they could break Snoke's influence over their son. Han was skeptical, not knowing how or if he could save Ben when Luke could not. Leia reassured him that while Luke was a Jedi, Han was Ben's father. Certain that there was still light within her son, Leia beseeched her husband to bring Ben home. It was the last time she saw him before his death. While infiltrating Ilum in hopes of destroying the First Order's superweapon, Han tried to carry out Leia's wish by confronting Kylo Ren. The dark warrior struggled with indecision, but ultimately chose to kill his own father, believing the sacrifice would end his inner conflict. Leia sensed Han die through the Force, and contrary to what Ren thought would happen, the act of patricide weakened him.[19]

Adopting the identity of Kylo Ren, the former Ben Solo set out to rule the galaxy as Supreme Leader of the First Order.

Recovering from the defeat on Starkiller Base, Ren redoubled his efforts to crush the Resistance in order to prove his worth to Supreme Leader Snoke. Yet he hesitated when the opportunity to eliminate Leia presented itself,[50] having sensed her fear and concern for him.[51] However, his resolve strengthened by the time he killed Snoke, and as the new Supreme Leader, Ren deployed the First Order Army to Crait with orders to exterminate the remnants of his mother's movement.[52]

The war between the First Order and the Resistance was interrupted by a galaxy-wide broadcast from the late Emperor Darth Sidious, who announced his return from dead years after the Empire was defeated at Endor. Leia and Ren both sought to confirm the message's authenticity, with the latter succeeding first by locating the hidden Sith bastion of Exegol. Owing to the intelligence report of General Armitage Hux, the Resistance learned that Sidious was not only back but also amassing a fleet of planet-killer warships—the Xyston-class Star Destroyer. Seeking the path to Exegol as well, the Jedi apprentice Rey embarked on a journey to acquire a Sith wayfinder while her mentor Leia remained on Ajan Kloss overseeing the Resistance. A battle eventually ensued between the son and the apprentice of Leia, respectively, in the Death Star ruins on Kef Bir. Assisted by her advisor Maz Kanata, the Resistance general devoted her remaining strength in a final concentrated effort to reach Ben through the Force.[52]

Leia Organa, princess of Alderaan and general of the Resistance, died calling out to her son, Ben Solo, through the Force.

Her sacrifice was a success; across the galaxy, Ren felt his mother die, causing him to lose focus during the lightsaber duel. Although Rey capitalized on the Supreme Leader's distraction to wound him, she then healed Ren after also sensing Leia's death. As Ren contemplated on what had transpired, he found himself confronted by his memory of Han Solo. At first, Ren believed it truly was too late to change his ways, as his mother was dead, but Han told him that while Leia was gone, the cause she devoted her life to was not yet lost. Ultimately, the son of Han and Leia reclaimed his identity as Ben Solo, destroying the side of him that was Kylo Ren. With Leia's death, the Resistance pilot Commander Poe Dameron assumed the rank of general with his predecessor's in accordance with his predecessor's final wishes.[52]

Leia was mourned by the Resistance as well as her son Ben, who renounced the dark side of the Force.

Ben returned to Exegol while General Dameron led the Resistance and their allies in an attack on the forces of the Sith Eternal, determined to prevent Sidious' Final Order from conquering the galaxy. While Leia's successor led the Resistance to victory over the Sith Star Destroyers, her son prevented Rey from succumbing to the temptations of the dark side which, in turn, resulted in the reborn Emperor's destruction by the hand of his granddaughter. The effort cost Rey her life, however, leading Ben to sacrifice himself in hopes of saving her. Though he died as a result, Ben succeeded in reviving Rey—his other half in the Force—who kissed him shortly after coming back to life.[52]

The deaths of Leia and her son marked the end of the Organas as well as the houses of Skywalker and Solo. Though sired from the Emperor's bloodline, Rey had renounced her lineage and assumed the Skywalker surname to honor the legacy of Leia's biological family.[52] Mere moments before her death, however, Leia reflected on how her Organa legacy would symbolically go to her protégé, the ace pilot Poe Dameron.[53]


Organa Ranch was a large farm that the royal family owned on Alderaan. Its emerald grapes were used to produce high quality emerald wine, which was favored by Imperial officers such as Agent Alexsandr Kallus and Captain Hiram Zataire.[21] The monarchy tended to dress modestly in simple designs and muted colors.[54]

The ship prefix RHA, standing for "Royal House of Alderaan," preceded the names of certain vessels affiliated with House Organa.[33]

Family tree[]

Breha's father[6]
Breha's mother[6]
Skywalker family[20]
Bail Prestor Organa[9]
Breha Organa[1]
Solo family[55]
Leia Skywalker Organa Solo[20]
Han Solo[4]
Ben Solo[5]


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