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"For a quarter of a standard century, the Solo family has dominated galactic affairs of all kinds."
Nom Anor[3]

The House of Solo was a Corellian family that could trace its descent to Prince-Admiral Jonash e Solo. Berethron e Solo ruled the Corellian Empire during the Golden Age of the Old Republic, and introduced democratic reforms that ended the era of monarchy in the Corellian system. After Berethron, the Solo line fell into obscurity and infamy, but some evidence suggests that famous founding hero of the New Republic Han Solo belonged to the House.


The first known member of the house was Jonash e Solo, the Corellian Prince-Admiral who ended the Seventeenth Alsakan Conflict.[2] The next known member was Berethron e Solo, who abolished the autocratic power of his own monarchy of the Corellian Empire in 312 BBY through the introduction of democratic reforms.[4]

Around 40 ABY, members of House Solo share dinner with Skywalker family and Zekk.

According to certain records that surfaced at the time of the New Republic, a man named Korol Solo was King Berethron's sixth-generation descendant, but the lineage was lost when records from that period were destroyed in the Clone Wars. C-3PO's research in 8 ABY, however, revealed that Korol Solo fathered his first son, Dalla, on Duro around 52 BBY. When the Clone Wars broke out, Dalla changed his family name to "Suul." He became a notorious criminal kingpin and pirate, and had a son of his own, Jonash Suul.[4]

Han Solo, an alleged member of the House who was born in poverty to Jonash Solo in 29 BBY,[5] became a celebrated hero of the Rebel Alliance. According to his birth records, he could trace his paternal ancestry to King Berethron through Korol Solo. Further research, however, corroborated by the Coruscant city computer, revealed that Korol Solo was really a pretender to the Corellian throne who was hanged for his crimes. Despite C-3PO's last-minute failure to prove that Han Solo was not of noble lineage, and therefore unsuitable to marry Princess Leia, the head of House of Organa, the wedding went through. Apart from the noble Organas, Solo married into the Skywalker family. As a result of its members' already-legendary accomplishments, the Solo-Skywalker clan was considered one of the most influential famous groupings in history.[4]

In 138 ABY, Ania Solo, a descendant of the House of Solo, was working as a junkyard owner in the Carreras system.[6]

Other possible or putative members[]

"Is every third human in this galaxy named Solo?"
―Khalee Lah[src]

Jarik Solo claimed to have been a long-lost cousin of Han Solo. Though Han Solo knew this was not true, he did not tell Jarik that he knew the truth. Instead, Han befriended Jarik and allowed him to continue using the Solo name. When a dying Jarik admitted his imposture, Han told him that he had earned the name.

Danielle Kieran claimed to be the illegitimate daughter of Han Solo. She imitated the man she believed to be her father by adopting his dress and mannerisms, flying a ship called the Century Hawk, and attempting the Kessel Run.

Family tree[]

"I must say that the two of you belong to the most interesting family."
Traest Kre'fey to the Solo twins[src]
Jonash e Solo[2]
(many [2,700 years] generations)
Berethron e Solo[4]
(many [6?]
Korol Solo[4]
Unknown Female
Dalla[4]/Denn Solo[5]
Tira Gama Solo[5]
Unknown man (Horm)
Unknown daughter
(see Skywalker family)
Threkin Horm
(adopted; see House of Organa)
Randil Sal[5]
Tiion Solo[5]
Jonash Solo[4]
Jaina Solo
Thrackan Sal-Solo
Han Solo
Leia Organa Solo
(see Fel dynasty)
(see Hapan Royal House)
Jagged Fel
Jaina Solo[7]
Jacen Solo[7]
Tenel Ka Djo
Anakin Solo[8]
Allana Solo[9]
(At least 1 generation)
Ania Solo[10]

Behind the scenes[]

Han Solo's family line has been elaborated over the course of various novels, and, at times, certain elements seem contradictory. Daniel Wallace offered this advice to the creator of the Time Tales family tree:

"Han's family tree is missing a couple of members. It's not an easy fix, since COPL and TPS give two contradictory accounts of Han's parentage. Per COPL, Korol fathered Dalla (b. 60 years before COPL, or -52 BSW4) who fathered Jonash, who fathered Han. But note that this timeline *can't* work, unless Korol and Jonash each had children when they were about 11 years old. In TPS, Dalla Solo is mentioned (this time b. 50 years before Han was 11, or -68 BSW4), but he's not specified as Han's grandfather. Instead, Han's grandfather and grandmother are named Denn Solo and Tira Gama Solo. (And no, these can't be his "other" grandparents, since like Dalla they also carry the Solo name.) They had twins=Tiion & Han's father (unnamed in TPS). The family tree mixes & matches from these two contradictory accounts, which is probably the best we're able to do given the information, but I would strongly suggest that Denn Solo and Tira Gama Solo be added back as Han's grandparents, since they're more likely "correct" than the ever-shifting "Dalla Solo" info."

Again, this may be explained by the Corellian dating system deriving from a longer year on Corellia, so 11 may be 21 or more if the year is twice standard measure.


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