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"The Tagges are a threat to the galaxy—They supply the Empire with ships and weapons, strip planets of their resources, and exploit their workers until their bodies give out. There are generations of blood on their hands."

The House of Tagge,[6] also known as the Tagge dynasty,[7] or the Tagge Family,[8] was a noble and wealthy human family.[1] They owned the Tagge Corporation company, which had mining facilities on Lucazec[4] and at least one subsidiary, Galacti-Stok.[9] According to Chelli Aphra, the Tagges even owned entire planets.[10] The House of Tagge ruled a region of the galaxy known as Tagge Space.[3]

One of the family's notable scions was Cassio Tagge,[4] from Tepasi,[2] an officer of the Galactic Empire who was elevated to the rank of Grand General and placed in charge of the entire Imperial Military after the Battle of Yavin.[11] According to Rebel Commander-in-Chief Mon Mothma, anyone who traveled among the Coruscant elite was well acquainted with the Tagge family.[12] The family shared their name with Aurelia Tagge who owned the Nau'ur-class yacht Scarlet Dominion.[13]


"This family is a nest of vipers. Dozens of relatives and stakeholders, every one of them a threat. Any sign of weakness is an invitation to bury a knife in your back."
―Domina Tagge[src]

Members of the House of Tagge included Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military Grand General Cassio Tagge;[11] the siblings Domina Tagge, Orman Tagge, Silas Tagge, and Ulric Tagge; and cousins Adelaide Tagge and Lapin. Felix Tagge, Imperial officer Brace Tagge-Faulken, Layla Tagge-Faulken and her son Forthe,[14] and Domina's nephew Ronen Tagge were also members.[10]

Of the four siblings Orman, Silas, Ulric and Domina Tagge, Domina was the youngest.[14]

Behind the scenes[]

The Tagge family first appeared with the introduction of Cassio Tagge in the 1977 movie Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.[15] Star Was: Doctor Aphra writer Alyssa Wong stated on Twitter that Felix and Adelaide Tagge were the parents of Ronen Tagge,[16] though no in-universe source has confirmed this.


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