Hovercraft, also known as Hovers or ground-effect vehicles, were vehicles which floated above the ground by riding on a cushion of air. The air cushion was generated by lift engines and contained within a flexible "skirt" which could be armored to protect against the environment or weapons fire. Compared to true repulsorcraft these relatively primitive vehicles were much slower and far less maneuverable, although they could traverse nearly as wide a variety of terrains.[1][2] Schenor reaction cars were ground effect vehicles.[3]

Hovers did have a number of advantages over repulsorcraft, first of which was that they did not require as much training to pilot. Hovers could also be used in environments and on planets where it was hazardous to operate repulsorcraft. Finally these vehicles were much cheaper and easier to maintain. For these reasons corporations and governments like the Galactic Empire fielded a number of hovercraft designs.[1][2]



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