A precariously placed sleeping area within the hideout

"I believe that Hoverdale still uses a cave not far from here as a headquarters."
―Propti Xaroon[src]

Hoverdale's Hideout was the base of operations of the conman Andro Hoverdale and his bandits in the Tatooinian desert. It was a deep cave, filled with all kinds of machinery, stolen droids and crates. The cave was located a short distance north of the Mospic High Range.

Sometime following 0 BBY, a mercenary sent by the Azure Cabal member Propti Xaroon entered the cave and killed several of the bandits to retrieve Xaroons's belongings that had been stolen by Hoverdale years earlier.

Behind the scenes[]

Hoverdale's Hideout was a location in Sony Online Entertainment's MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies prior to its closure on December 15, 2011. The cave could be found in the desert of the planet Tatooine. It was added to the game along with the Azure Cabal quest line with Chapter 6: Dangers of the Wild in May 2007. To complete a mission for Propti Xaroon, the player had to enter the cave and kill bandits until the location of Xaroon's old pouch inside the cave was revealed.