"I really hate this planet."
―Tobias Beckett[src]

Hovun IV was a planet covered in light purple oceans, where the criminal Dvorad operated. The thief Tobias Beckett and his crew stole a supply of blank identichips from Dvorad whilst on the planet.


Located in the fourth orbital position of a star system with one sun, Hovun IV was a planet with expanses of land and purple oceans. A species of tentacled creature lurked underneath the surface of the water.[1]


After being given a job by who they thought was Dryden Vos, leader of Crimson Dawn, the thief Tobias Beckett and his crew ventured to Hovun IV to locate the Pantoran criminal Dvorad, whose ship was rumored to contain a supply of blank identichips, items that had become priceless due to the Galactic Empire's tightening control of trade routes.[1]

Becket Gang @ Hovun IV

Beckett, Val, and Rio on Hovun IV.

To find out where Dvorad's ship was hidden, Beckett set up his crew in a cantina, where Rio Durant joined a game of sabacc. Beckett entered the cantina posing as a death priest, wearing a cloak and pretending to Force choke Durant. The other patrons fled the cantina, allowing Beckett's partner Val to place a tracker on Dvorad, following him as he escaped and boarded a speeder. Beckett jumped aboard the speeder to confront Dvorad as Val and Durant searched for another craft. The crew eventually met up at the location of Dvorad's ship, which the Pantoran summoned from the water while holding Beckett's crew at gunpoint. Beckett caused a creature to emerge from the water and grab hold of the ship, using the distraction to steal the identichips. After he had retrieved the cargo, Beckett and his crew left Hovun IV aboard their starship Rampart, traveling to the space station Munt Ontdal.[1]



A city on Hovun IV

A city floated on the surface of one of Hovun IV's oceans, known to house a cantina, where gamblers would play games such as sabacc.[1]

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Hovun IV first appeared in Beckett 1, a canon comic written by Gerry Duggan, penciled by Marc Laming, Edgar Salazar, and Will Sliney,[1] and released on August 15, 2018.[2]



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