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"Brothers! What are we doing? We came here to free Ryloth from Separatist control, and we succeeded. But look around you. We're now being ordered to target the very people we swore to protect. And I will not be a part of it any longer! Who will stand with me?"
―Howzer, to his squad[2]

A squad of clone stormtroopers served in a battalion in the Galactic Empire's army under the command of Captain "Howzer" following the Clone Wars. Members of the squad served alongside Howzer during the liberation of Ryloth from the Separatist Alliance during the war.[2]

Although the clones remained stationed on Ryloth to protect the Twi'leks, Howzer came to see how his clone brothers were ordered to arrest these citizens after his squad and the rest of the Grand Army of the Republic became part of the Imperial Army. During the rescue of Cham and Eleni Syndulla, Howzer refused to leave his squad, going to them and asking who would stand with him against the Empire. Six other troopers joined him before they were all arrested by CT-9904's Elite Squad and the four members of Howzer's squad who remained with the Empire.[2]

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