"I think this has passed beyond a simple custody dispute, and those involved are just using it to push their own agendas, using that poor woman as a political tool."
―Hraashi Lool, when asked for a comment about the "Baby Ludi" custody case[src]

Hraashi Lool was a Human female who was attending university on the galactic capital of Coruscant in 22 BBY. She had red hair that fell past her shoulders, green eyes, and fair skin that was colored with two vertical pink stripes. Each stripe passed over an eye as it stretched from forehead to cheek. On at least one occasion, Lool wore a tight-fitting yellow necklace.[1]

While on a public street one day, Loor was asked by a HoloNet News journalist for her opinion on the ongoing "Baby Ludi" custody case, which saw the Jedi Order refuse to return a Force-sensitive Human infant named Aris-Del Wari to her mother, Jonava Billane. Lool opined that Billane was being used as a political tool by different factions seeking to push their own agendas.[1]

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Hraashi Lool was created by Pablo Hidalgo and Paul Ens[2] for an issue of the ongoing HoloNet News feed. The issue, Volume 531, Issue 46, was posted online in 2002. Within the issue, Lool was pictured and quoted in an article entitled "Jedi Refuse to Hand Over Baby Ludi."[1] The image was drawn by Joe Corroney.[2]

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