"Their accent? It was Hrakian! Now, stop inter- ah! Of course! All we have to do is find a Hrakian spaceship!"

Hrakians were Near-Humans from Hraki.


Hrakians were human-like and were recognizable by a kind of fat bulky hair that grew on their heads and on their eyebrows. They had a yellowish skin. Hrakians were an average of 1.8 meter and could grow older than 85 years.

Culture & HistoryEdit

Hraki was a planet with tall mountain peaks and dense, brooky jungles. Nevertheless, the planet expanded to become a trading post in the region due to the growth of Vorzyd V and the other species in the area.

Hrakians were a brave and enterprising species known for their reliability and their perseverance. They chose simplicity over difficulty and Hrakians could do a lot when they were doing a job. Sometimes they had a somewhat lazy and uninterested attitude that led them to the easiest solution.

The Hrakians were good at a fight and renamed as spacers. The major freighter ships of the Hrakians were a known sight in the Vorzyd Sector. The Hrakians had an embassy in Efavan on Vorzyd V. Hrakians were not really a sophisticated species and had no interest in politics. Hrakians were pleased with promised credits and a cantina at the end of the task.

The Hrakians played an important role in the growth of the Commonality. They transported a lot of workers in their freight ships who went to Vorzyd V. One of the largest Hrakian firms was Hraki Intracluster Transport.

When 1 ABY took Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, R2-D2 and C-3PO to Vorzyd V on a secret mission for the Rebel Alliance were abducted for a while and held in a Hrakian ship by Blackhole. The Droids could enter this ship thanks to the help of a drunk Hrakian, called Branox.

Common Hrakian namesEdit

  • Drex Vahgr[1]
  • Gruxl Obbin[1]
  • Thazhia Yexel[1]



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