"The wild hubba gourd is our primary food. Without it, we'd perish."
Sharad Hett, to Ki-Adi-Mundi[4]

The hubba gourd was a type of melon that grew in rock recesses on the planet of Tatooine. Although its juice was sour and difficult to digest for Humans, the hubba gourd was the main staple foodstuff of the Jawas and the Tusken Raider, the two sentient species native to Tatooine. The name happens to be a translation from the Jawaese phrase: "the staff of life."[7]

Biology and appearance[]

"For example, I found this reflecting crystal on the floor, of the type that grows on the husks of hubba gourds..."
Ben Kenobi, to Ponnar[8]

Ben Kenobi manipulating unripe hubba gourds

Hubba gourds were tough-skinned melons,[9] that grew in the shadows of the cliffs on Tatooine. They could be round[3] or elongated.[1] Those fruits were normally covered with tiny reflective crystals that protected them from excessive solar exposure.[9] The gourd's interior was filled with tough, stringy fibers that contained a sour fluid.[3] During their growing season, hubba gourds were colored green,[8] and they would eventually take a yellowish hue.[3] When ripe, those fruits also exhaled a distinctive smell.[10] The seeds of the hubba gourd were pale and transparent.[11]


"You stole the hubba gourds, hoping the Tusken Raiders and the Jawas would fight over them!"
Ben Kenobi, to Ponnar[8]

Unripe hubba gourds being thrown at hungry Jawas and Tusken Raiders

The hubba gourd was prime food for Tusken Raiders and Jawas; the latter species found it particularly delicious when roasted.[12] In fact, the word hubba itself was Jawaese for "the staff of life," indicating how important it was to that species' survival, and their efficient digestive system drew all the nutrients they needed from it.[13] Despite often finding the gourd hard to digest and bitter, other species could also consume it, including Humans,[1] Geranites and Askajians.[3] Additionally, a drink,[6] a type of bread[4] and a snack could be made from hubba gourds.[5]

Wimateeka, a Jawa leader of the Nkik clan, once contracted a number of hunters to eliminate wild animals that were attacking his clan's supply of hubba gourds.[14]

Momaw Nadon was known to have been working on a hybrid hubba gourd.[11]



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