Huff Darklighter was the father of Biggs Darklighter, the brother of Jula Darklighter, the uncle of Gavin Darklighter, and a land baron on Tatooine.


A native of Tatooine, Huff owned dozens of moisture farms on his home planet, and bought water from other farmers at cut-rate prices. Some of the water he used in his own hydroponics facilities, while most was sold to other settlers at a high profit. He used his ability to locate water to become one of the planet's largest food magnates. In turn, he used his wealth to make sure Biggs got everything he deserved from life.

Huff was not above bribing the local officials—both planetary and Imperial—to maintain his stature. Huff was avidly anti-Imperial, believing they had destroyed democracy and ruled through fear, and did not approve of Biggs' choice to enlist in the Imperial Academy.

He held his son in highest regard, and truly believed that Biggs was the only hero of the Battle of Yavin.

Huff Darklighter

Biggs confides in his father about his lack of confidence in the Galactic Empire.

Huff went so far as to say that Wedge Antilles was less than a hero for leaving the battle, despite the fact that Wedge was ordered out by Luke Skywalker. Huff tried to obtain ownership of the Lars moisture farm on Tatooine by initiating an alien landowner tax. The tax was geared toward breaking the alien Throgg's financial reserves, but Gavin's father intervened and bought the farm before Huff could enforce the tax. Huff's dealings with the Imperial prefect on Tatooine allowed him a greater latitude in his dealings, and he worked hard to keep his competition at bay. However, Huff wasn't perfect. He was tricked and swindled by Lirin Banolt, but managed to obtain an Imperial data disk containing information on the Eidolon Base weapons cache. The plans were stolen from his residence, but were eventually recovered by Rogue Squadron.

Huff took control of much of the Eidolon weapons cache in the aftermath, and used some of the stormtrooper armor, repainted to dark blue, for his security forces. Much of the remaining equipment was provided to Rogue Squadron during the Bacta War. Huff attempted to start a bidding war between the Rogues and an unknown buyer represented by Booster Terrik, but upon learning that his long-time friend Wedge Antilles was seeking the equipment, Booster quickly switched his allegiance. He used his knowledge of Huff's Imperial dealings to blackmail the moisture farmer into giving the weapons to Wedge. When Huff attempted to haggle over the price, Booster informed him that he meant the weapons should be given away for free, but his daughter Mirax Terrik intervened, insisting that the Rogues would buy the weapons, but only at a fair price.

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In the first edition of Galaxy Guide 1: A New Hope, he was called "Huk Darklighter."



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