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Hugo Eckener was a Chief Architect serving the Naboo Royal Advisory Council of Naboo. Eckener was tasked with protecting Naboo's art and history, while continuing the civic expansion.



Hugo Eckener in the Theed Royal Palace sometime after 0 BBY.

In 32 BBY Hugo Eckener was part of the reelected members of the Naboo Royal Advisory Council, headed by Sio Bibble. Like all other members, Eckener maintained a good relationship with the other representatives of the Naboo government.

As Chief Architect of Naboo, Eckener was greatly appreciated. The Naboo appreciated art and architecture and found the architecture of their citiese and buildings very important. Before stepping into politics, Eckener was already an established architect. Along with architecture, Eckener represented all professions having to do with Naboo's infrastructure, such as construction workers, traders and contractors. Eckener was also responsible for new construction projects in Theed. He had to take into account that these new buildings would fit perfectly into the urban landscape, without standing out.

As a member of the Royal Advisory Council, Eckener worked hard for better flights, roads and communication between the different sites on Naboo, where he also managed. In 32 BBY the planet fell into hard times with the Trade Federation's invasion and blockade of the planet. Eckener was in the Theed throne room when communication with then-Senator Palpatine was disrupted. While going to ask Padmé Amidala for help on Coruscant, Eckener, along with the people of Theed, were captured and put in the Trade Federation's prisoner of war camps. When the Trade Federation was defeated, Eckener regained his position as Chief Architect of Naboo.

Around 0 BBY, his son Karl ran up huge gambling debts to both the Skaak Tippers and the Darkwalker criminal groups, and Hugo was forced to work to pay his son's debts off.



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