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The Millennium Falcon had a saucer-shaped hull

The hull was the body or main structure of a starship, starfighter, or vehicle. It could hold crew, passengers, cargo, weapons, engines, or other components necessary to the operation of the craft. Damage to a starship's hull could cause structural failure. Hulls were constructed of durable materials able to withstand harsh environments or combat. Duralloy was a composite metal armor used for starship hulls, while ferroceramic was used in hulls of ships that needed to pass through an atmosphere. The hull of the Nantex-class territorial defense starfighter was made of woven, reinforced laminasteel. Matrix armor was a strong material often used in the construction of starship hulls. It was more durable than durasteel and was better able to withstand blaster fire than titanium.[1]

The Imperial II-class Star Destroyer had a heavily reinforced hull, one of the features that distinguished it from its predecessor. Havod was a rare alloy used in the construction of one hundred special Star Destroyers.[1]

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