The Human League was a neo-Imperial Corellia-based group active during the decades after the Battle of Endor. Its members were from the Human population, primarily that of the Corellian sector, of whom most were young and male. Female members were not unheard of, however. They were drawn in by a mix of political woes, societal disillusion, and the post-Empire depression that ruined Corellia's economy.

The ideology of the Human League was mostly derived from that of the New Order, but with greater emphasis on Humanocentrism and, correspondingly, hatred of the Jedi, the New Republic, and Non-Humans. To its members, Palpatine and his minions were heroic visionaries. Nevertheless, their pro-Empire leanings had a limit, and the speciesism they clung to was closer to xenophobia and isolationism. To gain further support, Corellians' stereotype as always being independent-minded was appealed to. The result was a movement that in some ways was quite like Separatists before the Clone Wars.

One of the group's passions were public marches and protests. Members were clad in brown-and-black uniforms with armbands that featured the group's emblem, a stylized skull with a dagger in its teeth. The protestors would sing pro-independence songs and shout obscenities towards non-Humans during the marches. These marches often collapsed into riots; citizens of cities such as Coronet learned to take cover when the League neared. The drunkenness of the demonstrators also did little to endear them.

For the Human League, terrorism was not beyond their ethics, and outright threats were made against both the New Republic and the Jedi. Public notoriety was gained when five of its members beat two Ithorians to death, and also when it bombed a Republic government building in an attempted coup.

In 18 ABY, the Human League was led by would-be Diktat Thrackan Sal-Solo, who used the organization in his bid to become ruler of the Corellian sector. Under his leadership, however, it had been completely subdued to the elusive Sacorrian Triad conspiracy, becoming little more than a puppet of this multi-species power group. It could therefore be argued that the League's speciesism was not so much ideological as cynical.

Presumably when the Galactic Civil War had ended a year later, the Human League was disbanded by the New Republic.

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